FAES' report 'Latin America', presented to the centre-right organisations of the Region



Madrid, 11.06.12.- FAES Foundation has presented today, Monday June 11, FAES' strategic report 'Latin America: An Agenda for Freedom 2012' to the president of the Christian Democrat Organization of America (ODCA), Jorge Ocejo. The Foundation's secretary-general, Javier Zarzalejos, and the director of the International department, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, have furnished him with a copy of the document during the meeting held at FAES' premises.

The Foundation has thus disseminated the report 'Latin America' to the three organisations that comprise all the Region's political parties and Christian-democrat, conservative and classical-liberal institutions. On June 7, during a meeting of the Centre for Latin American Studies, FAES' coordinator for Latin American Programmes, Guillermo Hirschfeld, gave the document to the president-in-office of the Liberal Network for Latin America (RELIAL), Héctor Ñaupari. Furthermore, Hirschfeld presented the report to the Union of Latin American Parties (UPLA) last April 24 in Sao Paulo.

The FAES report "'Latin America: An Agenda for Freedom 2012'" promotes the joining of like-minded parties of the region around common ideas and viable consolidation projects of classical-liberal democracy, respect for individual freedoms, validity of the rule of Law, institutional strengthening and open economy.