Cuadernos de Pensamiento Político 62

09/04/2019. The commitment of liberalism facing the nationalism in Cataluña, “the traumatic and severe tear” that threatens the Spanish right, the challenge of adjusting the labour market to the Artificial Intelligence, the different challenges that the European Union is facing in 2019, the risks of the comeback to Spain of the returned from the caliphate, and the false milestones of the Marxist historiography, among other issues of this number.

“The Second Republic constituted a manual about the mistakes that should not be committed to build a consolidate democracy”

15/04/2019. A prolongated conversation with the most prestigious foreign specialist in the field of Contemporary History of Spain.

ACTOS FAES Curso de Verano FAES-UCM 2019 | ‘España: calidad democrática, cohesión y futuro del bienestar’

08/05/2019. Scholars, analysts and investigators will provide shed light on the debate about the Spanish democracy -consolidated, diverse, modern-, as well as about the territorial cohesion, the evolution of the Autonomous Communities, Catalonia’s future, how to maintain the Welfare State model, public-private collaboration, and Europe after Brexit. 

ACTOS FAES Aznar urges to revitalise NATO as the legitimating basis of the liberal world order

28/05/2019. In the presentation of the book ‘NATO as part of the UCD’s Foreign Policy design. Javier Rupérez’s role', José María Aznar has assured that “the Atlantic Alliance has protected our political systems and freedoms, but it needs to adapt to the new geopolitical environment”.

Latin America. A 2018 Agenda of Freedom

15/11/2018. Ibero America is going through a deep process of transition that proves the failure of the 21st Century Socialism; but, after more than three decades of elections and alternation, democracy is still facing consolidation problems. We reflect on this new report about this challenge, together with the crave for democratic quality and the need for trade openness.



Felipe VI, guarantor of the unity and historical continuity of Spain

19/06/2019. “In a period of big difficulties for our country, His Majesty's role, rooted in his training and qualities, has been key. As Spanish citizen, I thank him for his extraordinary work”, has stated José María Aznar.

CAMPUS ESPAÑA Pablo Casado opens 2019 FAES Summer Course, dedicated to Spain this year

20/06/2019. FAES Foundation will hold from the 1st to the 5th of July the XVI edition of its Summer Course, which is titled ‘Spain: democratic quality, cohesion and future of the welfare state’, and it will be celebrated among the courses held by the Universidad Complutense and the Banco Santander, in the Madrilenian town of San Lorenzo del Escorial. FAES Summer Course will be open on Monday 1st by the President of the Partido Popular, Pablo Casado, and closed on Friday 5th by the former President of the Spanish government and FAES President, José María Aznar.

CAMPUS ESPAÑA Aznar: “It is not institutionally logical to blame on others your own responsibility of achieving the majority nor to demand free support”

01/07/2019. José María Aznar, has claimed this morning that “from the institutional perspective it is logical” that who opts to be a candidate for becoming the president, “must have kind of a well-founded idea of which will be the majority he should rely on”. “Which is not institutionally logical is to blame on others your own responsibility of achieving that majority, nor to demand free support, nor to claim at the same time a ‘wide’ electoral victory as you threat with new elections”, he has assured.

CAMPUS ESPAÑA “My task and my party’s is to rebuild the right pillar of our system and to show the path for the reconstruction of the left one”

01/07/2019. Pablo Casado has opened the 2019 FAES Summer Course, where he has assured that “his task and his party’s is very clear: to rebuild the right pillar of our system. Also, to show the left pillar its reconstruction path, encouraging them to do so”. “I will always be willing to help in this exhaustive task which is the truly important one. Nevertheless, I will not cooperate, nor actively nor passively, for PSOE to keep the same path”, he has claimed.

CAMPUS ESPAÑA Spain: democratic quality

01/07/2019. The first conference of the 2019 FAES Summer Course has ended with the dialogue about ‘Democratic quality’ among the professor from Universidad del País Vasco, Francisco Llera; the head of Instituto Juan de Mariana, Eduardo Fernández Luiña, and the professor from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Jorge del Palacio, moderated by the professor from Universidad Carlos III Javier Redondo.

CAMPUS ESPAÑA Román Escolano: “Having reached the top public spending, there are political decisions to be made”

02/07/2019. The former minister of Economy Román Escolano has participated today in the second conference of the 2019 FAES Summer Course, where he has highlighted that “the big current challenges of the Welfare State are sufficiency, sustainability, and debt increase”, and he has assured that “Western societies have reached their top public spending, and it is necessary to decide where to direct it, how much spending we can afford and how to finance it”.

CAMPUS ESPAÑA Public private collaboration in the welfare model

02/07/2019. The programmes’ secretary of PP, Mario Garcés, and chairman of IE Center for Transport Economics & Infrastructure Management, Julio Gómez-Pomar, have discussed about ‘Public-private collaboration in the Welfare model’ moderated by the associate professor of the Public Law Department at Eversheds Sutherland, Alberto Dorrego. Some of the issues debated have been: the actual scope of the concept ‘public private collaboration’, PPC; the confusing public debate about privatisations; and the incentives and risks system that regulates the relation between public administrations and private operators.

CAMPUS ESPAÑA How to guarantee the welfare model?

02/07/2019. ‘How to guarantee the welfare model?’ was the title of the second conference’s closing dialogue of the 2019 FAES Summer Course. Among the participants were José Antonio Herce, associate director of Analistas Financieros Internacionales (AFI); Fernando Becker, Applied Economics professor from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid), and Gregorio Izquierdo, PhD doctor in Economic Science from UNED (Spanish national non-in-person university).

CAMPUS ESPAÑA Belén Becerril: “The United Kingdom has destroyed a precious capital and a special status in the UE that it won’t recover”

03/07/2019. Subdirector of Instituto Universitario de Estudios Europeos at Universidad San Pablo-CEU, Belén Becerril, has participated in the 2019 FAES Summer Course in a conference about ‘Europe after Brexit’, in which she has highlighted that “the United Kingdom has made many mistakes and the British have destroyed a precious capital and a special status that they will not recover”. “Brexit is mainly based in a great misunderstanding. British citizens have been tricked: it is impossible for the UK to develop its own trade policies without a physical border”, she asserted.

CAMPUS ESPAÑA Spain in Europe after the Brexit

03/07/2019. The third day of FAES 2019 Summer Course ended with the dialogue on “Spain in Europe after the Brexit” in which the former minister, Josep Piqué, and the journalist and essayist, Tom Burns, took part. Mira Milósevich. Professor at the Instituto de Empresa, moderated the conversation.

CAMPUS ESPAÑA Fernando Casal Bertoa: "The solution to the rise of populism lies in the traditional parties"

04/07/2019. On the fourth day of the FAES 2019 Summer Course, Fernando Casal Bertoa, professor at the University of Nottingham, said that "the solution to the rise of populism is in the traditional parties". "We need them to fulfil their programme, to be responsible and transparent, and strong in organisational terms," he said during a conference entitled 'Democratic crisis and populist wave - is there a remedy?

CAMPUS ESPAÑA Where is Catalonia going?

04/07/2019. Where is Catalonia headed? was the dialogue between Jordi Canal, professor of history at the Ecole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris, and the writer Valentí Puig. The meeting was moderated by Gabriel Elorriaga, a member of the FAES Foundation Board of Trustees.

CAMPUS ESPAÑA Evolution of the Autonomous State

04/07/2019. The member of the Board of Trustees of the FAES Foundation, Gabriel Elorriaga; the Professor of Constitutional Law, Teresa Freixes, and the Professor of Constitutional Law, José María Castellá have debated the evolution of the Autonomous State, during the fourth day of the Summer Course FAES 2019, in a table moderated by Miguel Marín, director of the course.

CAMPUS ESPAÑA “Never before as today politics seems less relevant, which contrasts with the expectations of the ‘new politics’”

05/07/2019. José María Aznar has claimed today that “never before as today in our democratic trajectory politics seems less relevant or, if preferred, less productive. This reality highly contrasts the expectations created by the called ‘new politics’”. “It used to be said -he has added- that agreement culture would be promoted, but never as today appeals for general interests have been less echoed, nor have been institutions less taken care of”. In his opinion, “regardless of the moderated positions, most common among the electorate, there is higher levels of radicalism, never known before in our political system”.

CAMPUS ESPAÑA Garamendi: “We want a stable Government in Spain that defends us in Europe and in the world”

05/07/2019. The president of the CEOE (the Spanish confederation of enterprise organizations), Antonio Garamendi, has participated in the closing ceremony of the 2019 FAES Summer Course, where he has asked for a “stable government in Spain that defends us in Europe and in the world” and for working together all enterprises, citizens and the State for keeping “democracy, cohesion and future of the welfare”.

ACTOS FAES FAES nombra tres nuevos miembros de su Patronato

09/07/2019. A propuesta del expresidente del Gobierno y presidente de la Fundación FAES, José María Aznar, el Patronato de la Fundación FAES, durante su reunión ordinaria semestral, ha aprobado la incorporación de tres nuevos miembros: el exministro de Economía Román Escolano; el exsecretario de Estado de Cultura y de Cooperación Internacional y para Iberoamérica, Miguel Ángel Cortés; y el abogado del Estado y doctor en Derecho Fernando Díez Moreno.

“Sería un error confundir la madurez de la sociedad con el desinterés hacia sus políticos”

02/09/2019. La nota editorial del nuevo número de la revista 'Cuadernos FAES de Pensamiento Político advierte de que “la política corre riesgo de quedar atrapada por la banalidad y la extravagancia, el descuido de las instituciones y la falta de respeto a los procedimientos democráticos”.

Nuevo ejemplar de Cuadernos FAES de Pensamiento Político

16/07/2019. FAES publica el número 63 de su revista Cuadernos de Pensamiento Político, dirigida por Javier Zarzalejos, y donde se dan cita artículos políticos, ensayos culturales, textos y reflexiones históricas. Entre otros temas, el número analiza la nueva relación de poderes en la UE; la construcción mediática de la metarrealidad política a través de la televisión y las redes sociales; el vínculo entre posverdad y populismo; el impacto económico del proteccionismo y de la guerra comercial y tecnológica entre EEUU y China; las próximas elecciones primarias en EEUU bajo la sombra de Trump, y la divergencia entre percepción de la inmigración y realidad.

Encuentro de Javier Zarzalejos con Mikulás Dzurinda

16/07/2019. El director de FAES y eurodiputado Javier Zarzalejos y el presidente del Martens Centre, Mikulás Dzurinda, han mantenido una reunión para fijar futuras colaboraciones en esta nueva etapa de la política comunitaria que comienza con la constitución de la novena legislatura del Parlamento Europeo.

Juegos de guerra digitales

17/07/2019. La ‘guerra digital’ entre EEUU y China, donde la Inteligencia Artificial y las redes 5G marcarán la hegemonía mundial, tiene implicaciones globales y sus manifestaciones concretas, como la decisión de Google respecto a Huawei, son solo una jugada más.  

Posverdad y populismo


25/07/2019. Hoy tengo el honor y la responsabilidad de expresar el sentir de los uruguayos que formamos parte de la Red FAES por la pérdida de nuestro queridísimo compatriota Jaime Mario Trobo. Gracias a su generosidad para compartir su conocimiento y experiencia, muchos jóvenes uruguayos tuvimos la enorme oportunidad de formar parte del Programa de Formación de Líderes Iberoamericanos y, de esa forma, ser parte de esta gran familia que es Fundación FAES.

En memoria del exministro uruguayo Jaime Trobo

25/07/2019. Fue uno de los mejores políticos de su generación por su inteligencia, capacidad política y habilidad para el debate. Amó la libertad sobre todas las cosas y fue un gran defensor de la democracia en América Latina, combatiendo ferozmente la dictadura en Cuba y Venezuela.


PAPELES Justo al sur de la 'frontera sur' de EEUU: democracia y migración

30/07/2019. ¿Cuál es el interés a largo plazo de los Estados Unidos respecto a su frontera sur? La actitud de la actual Administración esconde un problema de largo recorrido dentro de una solución temporal, pero ni el aumento de tropas ni un muro traerán resultados concluyentes ni duraderos.

El impacto económico negativo del proteccionismo

02/09/2019. La guerra comercial entre EEUU y China tendrá graves consecuencias para el bienestar internacional: menos productos y más caros, lo que empobrecerá a empresas y ciudadanos. El brote proteccionista de Trump confronta equivocadamente con quienes deberían ser sus socios comerciales y con quienes lo son ya, con el añadido de un impacto adicional debido al Brexit.

OTAN: la 'vieja dama' cumple 70 años

06/09/2019. En el 70 aniversario de la OTAN, conviene recordar que la garantía de seguridad que representa la Alianza Atlántica sigue siendo vital tanto para la defensa de Europa y sus fronteras como para el mantenimiento del liderazgo mundial de EEUU ante la emergencia de China y la expansión de Rusia.

10-N, an undercover second lap for Sánchez

01/10/2019. Spain will hold new elections after the spectacle of arrogance, demands and simulations of Pedro Sánchez, and nothing shown by the frankenstein government throws reliability on what can be expected of the PSOE. The economic slowdown will aggravate the disastrous consequences of leaving the country’s management in its hands, which needs answers to the territorial and constitutional problem and to retake the reforms.

DIÁLOGOS Escolano y Linde, sobre el futuro del euro y el papel de la Unión Bancaria

30/09/2019. La nueva edición de #DiálogosFAES ha contado con la participación del exministro de Economía Román Escolano y el exgobernador del Banco de España Luis María Linde, que han intercambiado opiniones sobre la actual coyuntura económica de la zona euro y su grado de preparación ante una posible recesión. Junto con Miguel Marín, del área de Economía de FAES, ambos analizan si con la lección aprendida de la crisis del año 2009 y a través de reformas se han corregido los errores de diseño institucional y de integración bancaria que atenazan a la UE.

Aznar: "España Suma is a good initiative to rebuild the centre-right"

07/10/2019. José María Aznar asserts that the situation is of "delicate prognosis" due to separatism, governance problems and the economic slowdown. He also considers that "the greatest risk for the continuity of the EU is populism in Germany".

ACTOS FAES Joffe: "Europa debería estar en el escenario junto con otras grandes potencias, pero está dividida"

27/09/2019. El profesor de la Universidad de Stanford y director del semanario alemán 'Die Zeir', Josef Joffe, ha afirmado que "el mayor y el peor  problema de la Unión Europea es que no existe como un Estado ni como un actor estratégico que pueda sostenerse por sí solo entre las grandes potencias", en referencia a Estados Unidos y China. En todo caso, ha dicho, "Europa es una superpotencia moral, una potencia 'civil' que reparte lecciones en las instituciones internacionales".

Cuadernos FAES de Pensamiento Político 64

14/10/2019. The new issue of the FAES magazine includes articles on the new welfare challenges, the causes and consequences of electoral polarisation, the evolution of the relationship between Europe and the United Kingdom after the Brexit, the crisis in US foreign policy, the role of China and the need for educational reform, among others.

Welfare State and Welfare Society

21/10/2019. In Cuadernos de Pensamiento Político, the former Minister of Economy addresses the challenges of welfare societies, the high level of public spending in Western economies ­­–especially in pension systems­– and the 'Middle Class Crisis', which bears the greatest tax burden.

Javier Zarzalejos denuncia el auge del antisemitismo en Europa

21/10/2019. El director de FAES ha recordado que “la extrema derecha, la extrema izquierda, el yihadismo y el islamismo hacen del antisemitismo una causa común”. Frente a ello ha valorado que, gracias al gobierno del PP, en los últimos cuatro años hayan recibido la nacionalidad española más de 31.000 judíos sefardíes, “un acto de reconocimiento como españoles y europeos que quiero destacar ante esta Cámara”.

PROGRAMAS DE FORMACIÓN FAES Latin American Leaders Training Program 2019

28/10/2019. A partir de hoy lunes 28, en Madrid, la Fundación FAES celebra una nueva edición del Programa FAES de Formación de Líderes Latinoamericanos. Sesiones y encuentros con personalidades que tratarán sobre los fundamentos de la libertad, la democracia y el Estado de Derecho.

FAES commemorates the 30th anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall

28/10/2019. Through a series of testimonies by personalities from politics, economics, academy and culture, FAES remembers the triumph of liberal democracy as an ethical, political and economic system superior to communist totalitarianism.

ANÁLISIS "El mayor milagro del derribo del Muro fue que no hubo violencia ni amenaza"

31/10/2019. El profesor de Stanford y editor de 'Die Zeit', Josef Joffe, recuerda que, tras la caída del Muro de Berlín "todo el mundo tenía miedo a un aumento de la fuerza, con la RDA amenazando al resto de Europa. Pero no ocurrió. Se democratizó y formó parte del sistema europeo".

PROGRAMAS DE FORMACIÓN José María Aznar: "We must recapitalize and strengthen democratic institutions"

31/10/2019.   José María Aznar met this morning with the young participants in the 19th edition of the Programa FAES de Formación de Líderes Latinoamericanos, in front of whom he affirmed the need to "recapitalise and strengthen democratic institutions" facing a "very worrying" international situation. FAES celebrates this Programme annually as part of its commitment to strengthening institutions and the rule of law in Latin America.    

The Freedom Revolution

07/11/2019. In 2004, FAES commemorated the 15th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall with a series of conferences in which twelve personalities of politics and thought from both sides of the Iron Curtain took part. His words, memories and lessons were collected in this work.

The President, the Pope and the Prime Minister

11/11/2019. "The three were distinguished by being too incisive, direct and categorical in an age of fickle identities and sophisticated doubts". Thus begins the portrait of Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and John Paul II in this important work edited by FAES in 2008 on three of the personalities who contributed decisively to the collapse of the Wall of Shame and the defeat of communism.

José María Aznar:“The most damaging option for Spain”

13/11/2019. José María Aznar has assessed the announcement of the pre-agreement between PSOE and Unidas Podemos. "After elections to which we should never have been called, and if we were, it was for the exclusive personal interest of the person who did it, there were two options: a great constitutional agreement or a great radical agreement that includes communists and independentists. Everything seems that the worst possible formula has been chosen, and that will have very serious consequences from a constitutional, economic and social point of view. The most damaging option for Spain's interests".

ACTOS FAES “En el Parlamento Europeo hay quien sigue sin condenar los crímenes de ETA contra periodistas porque los considera políticamente justificados"

13/11/2019. El Parlamento Europeo ha celebrado un debate sobre la impunidad de los crímenes contra periodistas en el que el eurodiputado y director de FAES, Javier Zarzalejos, se ha referido “a los atentados, extorsiones y asesinatos de periodistas perpetrados por la banda terrorista ETA a lo largo de toda su trayectoria criminal”. “En este mismo Parlamento hay quien sigue sin condenar todos esos crímenes porque los considera políticamente justificados”, ha lamentado.

ACTOS FAES FAES proposes a radical transformation of NATO

18/11/2019. The FAES foundation has presented its report ‘The Atlantic Alliance 70 Years Later: Frim Reform to Rebuilding’ in which it proposes a radical transformation of NATO. At the presentation ceremony, the former President of the Government and president of FAES, José María Aznar stated that “the combination of Atlanticism, Europeanism and liberal order is the most desirable and profitable way to face the complicated future that lies ahead”.

PAPELES The Atlantic Alliance 70 Years Later: From Reform to Rebuilding

18/11/2019. Seventy years later, the Alliance is weaker, at a time in which the Organization has, after undergoing a process of increased bureaucratization, stressed its vocation as a security-based one. Can we accept this NATO as the new normal? Is it an acceptable result of its adaptation within a new period? Should we not aspire to a better Alliance? Furthermore, does it even make sense that NATO exists in the year 2019?

ACTOS FAES “An alliance of constitutional parties would be the most desirable, but it cannot be headed by the one who is doing the counter-alliance”

18/11/2019. "We are vertiginously going to a crisis of the constitutional system with devastating consequences and the Spaniards have to know it. The crisis of the Transition system, of the constitutional system, means the disintegration of the system"

PROGRAMAS DE FORMACIÓN Luis Lacalle Pou, new president of Uruguay, member of the FAES network in Latin America

25/11/2019. José María Aznar congratulated him and reminded him that in 2006 he participated in the FAES Latin American Leaders Training Program.

Una reforma educativa para un país mejor

29/11/2019. Derecho a la educación, libertad de enseñanza y de creación de centros docentes y derecho de los padres a elegir la formación de sus hijos son las premisas, recogidas ya en la Constitución, que la autora señala como puntos de partida para aunar un gran pacto educativo nacional que, más allá de componentes ideológicos, dé estabilidad y calidad al sistema educativo español.

Duck Soup

02/12/2019. There is no government project behind this game of impossible laces. There can't be. What is paradoxical is that it has been the Socialists themselves who have facilitated the repertoire to verbalize the nonsensical nature of the endeavour.



ACTOS FAES Guatemalan president-elect visits FAES

05/12/2019. The president-elect of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei, visited the FAES headquarters today, where he had a meeting with President José María Aznar, who encouraged him to implement his agenda of reform measures and transferred his support to his Central American integration project, a region where more than 50 million people live.

Zarzalejos accuses Bildu's Barrena of refusing to condemn ETA killings of journalists

17/12/2019. "You have the opportunity to say here today, before talking about freedom of expression, as you are doing, whether you condemn all the crimes of ETA, including of course those directed against journalists and media", FAES director also told the Bildu MEP.

European Parliament elects Javier Zarzalejos to draft the proposal for the revision of the European arrest warrant

18/12/2019. "We must succeed in strengthening the principle of mutual trust between the judicial systems of European countries in order to prevent any alleged offender from being able to move freely around Europe when there are court rulings requesting their arrest," added.

“Suffering a coup d’état and not dismantling it, making a pact with the coup leaders and giving them the key of the country is something more serious than a huge political mistake”

10/01/2020. After Pedro Sánchez was invested as president of the coalition government between the PSOE and Unidas Podemos, the former president of the government and president of FAES, José María Aznar, has asked himself "what future can await a Nation that puts its destiny in the hands of those who want to destroy it?". "This PSOE, plus the communists, plus the secessionists, can only be a front against the Nation, against the State and against the Constitution," said Aznar.

The last lesson of Sir Roger Scruton (1944-2020)

13/01/2020. Scruton, who had written that "the value of life does not consist in its duration but in its depth", ended his work by choosing this beautiful word: gratitude. Today, those of us who ask for the rest of his soul, the comfort of his family and friends and the recognition that his figure deserves, feel profound gratitude.

Nota editorial FAES

14/01/2020. El Gobierno presidido por Pedro Sánchez no es progresista, ni es progreso lo que puede esperar España de él. Lo apoyan los que han protagonizado las agresiones más graves a nuestro sistema democrático. El PP debe desempeñar un papel de liderazgo en la oposición y construir una propuesta social y política renovada y atractiva.

15/01/2020. Manuel Fraga Iribarne dejó un legado intelectual y político que, junto a su capacidad de trabajo y su ejemplo personal en el servicio a España, constituirá para siempre una referencia indispensable. Fue ponente de la Constitución de 1978 y estaba estrechamente vinculado a FAES, a cuyo Patronato perteneció hasta el final de su vida.

ACTOS FAES “Gregorio had an idea of Spain and believed in a free Basque country, and that is still more valid than ever and must be revendicated”

23/01/2020. The former President of the Government and President of FAES, José María Aznar, attended the opening of the exhibition ‘Gregorio Ordoñez, la vida posible’ in San Sebastián, which is being held to commemorate the Basque politician on the 25th anniversary of his assassination. “I want to take advantage of this moment to remember Gregorio Ordoñez in a very special way. As you know, just few days before his assassination I had proclaimed him candidate for mayor of San Sebastián. And the expectation is that he was going to be mayor of San Sebastián, he was going to have the majority”, he said.

FAES publishes new issue of Cuadernos de Pensamiento Político

24/01/2020. Issue 65 of Cuadernos FAES de Pensamiento Político comes at a time of systemic change in the institutional architecture of our country, and as such, brings the reader first-hand experience of the best formed opinions on political, international, intellectual and cultural matters.

Catalonia in the labyrinth of the Minotaur: a broken mirror in fragmented Spain Catalonia in the labyrinth of the Minotaur: a broken mirror in fragmented Spain

24/01/2020. He goes into depth from a pessimistic position on the solution to the Catalan question in the application of Article 155 made by Mariano Rajoy's government and in the Supreme Court ruling that condemned the promoters of the political declaration of independence. He concludes by pointing out the obvious crisis of authority and the certain threat to the constitutional regime.

ACTOS FAES José María Aznar meets Juan Guaidó in Madrid

25/01/2020. “I have reiterated to the president in charge of Venezuela my support in his commitment to the struggle of Venezuela for their freedom, their democracy and the restoration of the rule of law. Juan Guaidó and all the Venezuelan people deserve our respect and our support”, said Aznar.

ACTOS FAES Mayor of San Salvador, Ernesto Muyshondt, visits FAES

27/01/2020. The ex-president of the Government and president of FAES, José María Aznar, has received the mayor of San Salvador, Ernesto Muyshondt, who is on an official visit to Spain.

La excepcionalidad de una derecha de excepción

31/01/2020. Es tarea de liberales y conservadores la preservación de la nueva derecha política, una derecha excepcional y de excepción. Es imprescindible presentar un frente común que pueda oponerse a la izquierda autoritaria actual, unida en la destrucción de la libertad y la prosperidad.

La debacle política del Movimiento Cinco Estrellas. Razones que explican algo que resultaba más que previsible

04/02/2020. Emilia-Romagna y Calabria han supuesto la enésima debacle del Movimiento Cinco Estrellas, que ha pasado del todo a la nada en cuestión de meses. Sin base ideológica, electorado fiel ni liderazgo fiable, y con demasiadas promesas incumplidas, el partido va directo a la disolución. Uno de los mayores fiascos de la Historia reciente de Italia.

José María Aznar: “Toca fortalecer los cimientos de la idea de nación española”

20/02/2020. El expresidente del Gobierno y presidente de FAES, José María Aznar, ha participado en Bilbao en la conferencia ‘El fortalecimiento de España en el País Vasco’, organizada por la Asociación Esteban de Garibay. Aznar ha asegurado que en este momento “toca fortalecer los cimientos de la idea de nación española”, para lo que “hará falta un temple reconstructor y combinar tenacidad y paciencia”.

Un 'déjà vu' penal


Más sociedad, más país

06/03/2020. España necesita más sociedad civil, más think tanks, más personas dedicadas a la reflexión y al pensamiento.Eso hace sociedad, hace país y hace replantear las cosas con elementos positivos de discución que hoy carecemos. Y uno de ellos es la fórmula liberal.

José Jiménez Lozano

09/03/2020. José Jiménez Lozano ha sido un referente para las letras y el pensamiento liberal español. Fue un magnífico colaborador de FAES, aportándonos lucidez y hondura con sus artículos e intervenciones. En 2008 ya avisaba que “la cultura de masas creada por la modernidad desemboca en una ideología con tentaciones totalitarias, y éstas se proponen construir nuevos esquemas culturales que sustituyan a los que han formado parte de la civilización Occidental”.

José Jiménez Lozano: los padres, la Patria y el patrimonio

10/03/2020. José Jiménez Lozano, Premio Cervantes, fue un destacado colaborador de FAES de cuya vida y obra Miguel Ángel Cortés destaca "son un ejemplo de compromiso con las ideas más radicales de libertad y de cultura".


Todas las publicaciones de FAES sobre la crisis del Coronavirus

13/07/2020. La Fundación FAES sigue de cerca las múltiples derivadas de la crisis generada por la pandemia del Covid-19. Nuestra web recoge las publicaciones que expertos colaboradores firman desde el punto de vista político, económico, internacional, jurídico informativo y social.

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ANÁLISIS La Peste Negra y sus secuelas en la historia y en la cultura

31/03/2020. Recordamos la Peste Negra porque generó casi treinta millones de bajas. La propagación de la epidemia en el continente coincidió con un prolongado período de guerra generalizada entre los más poderosos reinos de la región. Las consecuencias demográficas de la combinación de guerra y epidemia favorecieron una profunda crisis del feudalismo y el fortalecimiento de las ciudades y de las libertades urbanas. También desataron una oleada de antijudaísmo más extensa y violenta que las que se habían producido anteriormente. En el terreno artístico y literario la Peste Negra introdujo en el arte occidental la figura del cadáver y el motivo del encuentro de los caballeros (y las damas) con la muerte.

Nota Editorial de Cuadernos FAES de Pensamiento Político

30/03/2020. Esencialmente importa salvar vidas, pero después vendrá el gravísimo impacto del coronavirus sobre la economía y, a no tardar, otras consecuencias de orden político, cultural y social que todavía somos incapaces de anticipar con precisión. El coronavirus se fortalece como un agente de transformaciones radicales en el mundo. Si nos fijamos en España, es evidente que poco quedará de esa agenda compartida por el PSOE con la izquierda radical populista de Podemos. Tendremos que pensar con mucha más prudencia a qué dedicamos el dinero público, qué causas abrazamos, en qué debates nos adentramos y en qué políticos podemos confiar.