Cospedal: ‘Those who have no ideology have no project’

29/06/2015. Maria Dolores de Cospedal has participated in the opening session of the Campus, where she said that ‘those who have no ideology have no project’ and that the PP has before it a ‘transcendental challenge’ to explain what it has done ‘to prevent Spain falling into a situation like the Greek one’. She has also said that FAES Foundation has to be for the party a "guide". 

"Una vez más, lamentablemente, la economía se la juega en la política"

11/12/2017. Fernando Fernández explica el impacto económico del conflicto catalán. "Gran parte del atractivo institucional de España está tocado. Cataluña ha roto la imagen de España como el país que había superado la crisis con estabilidad y consenso", asegura. No obstante afirma que el daño puede contenerse si los resultados del 21D son buenos y los inversores se convencen de que el peligro de secesión ha desaparecido. "Lo que Cataluña pone en cuestión es la viabilidad del país. Una vez más la economía se la juega en lo político", afirma.

Saving Freedom of Expression in a Diverse, Digital and Complex World Requires a Global Conversation

03/07/2015. Flemming Rose, has said today that saving freedom of expression ‘in this diverse, digital and complex world’ requires ‘a global conversation’, as ‘freedom of expression is a common issue’. However, he regretted that ‘we are going in the opposite direction and we are having less and less debate and more fragmentation’.

Orsini: ‘We Need Someone to Start a Body-To-Body Combat against the ISIS’

03/07/2015. The director of the Centre for the Study of Terrorism at the University of Rome, Alessandro Orsini, has said today that ‘someone needs to start a body-to-body combat against the militants of Isis’, and that ‘so far, the West has fought using only the little finger’. Orsini participated in a discussion at the FAES Campus on strategies before the Islamic State, in which the director of the Master on Terrorism at Rey Juan Carlos University, Rogelio Alonso, said that ‘we must have an effect on political leadership, social mobilization and awareness’ and ‘learn to be militant societies’.