From the struggle against ETA to the struggle for the story

23/01/2019. Gregorio Ordóñez was more than a political leader; he was a social leader to whom speaking clearly cost him his life. Javier Zarzalejos and María San Gil remember the scope of a figure and a legacy that represents the best political commitment.

Mid-term elections. Everyone wins

14/11/2018. Midterm elections in the USA are a thermometer, a pulse monitoring to the presidency. On this occasion, Democrats and Republicans consider themselves to have come out on top. Will the president change his tone? On what issues will the Democrats fight? Has the Republican Party definitely mutated?

Spanish economy: slowdown and uncertainties

04/10/2018. The Spanish economy has engaged in an evident process of deceleration fundamentally caused by the fall in exports and consumption (especially in Catalonia). This scenario is not necessarily irreversible, but it is key to regain credibility and confidence and eliminate elements of uncertainty.

The energy transition in Spain: lessons learned from other countries

26/07/2018. The EU has set an ambitious goal for the coming years: the transition to a decarbonised, secure and competitive economy. NGC Partners President Pedro Mielgo and Ruhr University Professor Graham Weale offer an insight into the challenges of energy transition and how Germany can serve as a model for other countries, particularly Spain.

The Rule of Law against ETA

21/06/2018. The dissolution of the terrorist group ETA makes us look back to the journey of the counterterrorist policies from 1996 until today. The former ministers Jaime Mayor Oreja and Ángel Acebes speak with Javier Zarzalejos about the strengthen of the Rule of Law, the turning point that was the legal architecture deployed against the group and its environment between 1996 and 2004 and the risk of turning the page without regard to the legacy of the victims nor slowing down the project of splitting Spain.

Perspectivas económicas 2018 (segundo semestre)

24/05/2018. Los riesgos económicos existentes a comienzos de 2018 se han materializado: subida del precio del petróleo, inestabilidad en economías emergentes y efectos del programa económico de Trump. Con este cambio en la coyuntura mundial e Italia abriendo un nuevo escenario de tensión financiera en Europa, ¿puede España mantener la inercia de crecimiento y creación de empleo? El agotamiento del ciclo de reformas y la tensión política a largo plazo impone cautela en las previsiones.