New stage in the EU: politics is back

18/06/2019. The EU is still a great political project that has to be strengthened in political, economic and strategic terms. Around this axis the conversation flows among the FAES Head, Javier Zarzalejos, the former Foreign Affairs Minister Ana Palacio, and the ESADE professor José María de Areilza about the new stage in the EU, in which politics are going to weigh more than law, and which implies an opportunity that Spain must take advantage.

Who should manage the public services in Spain?

14/05/2019. The dogmatic prejudice about the ‘remunicipalisation of public services’ satisfies the left, and that makes it necessary to untangle the lies and move forward to a public-private collaboration model.

"Lerroux understands the Republic as a regime created for everybody, liberal and parliamentary"

18/03/2019. "Liberal and inclusive republicanism grows and dies with Lerroux," explains Roberto Villa García, the author of the book, in this #DiálogosFAES with Professor Luis Arranz Notario.

2019 Economic Perspectives for Spain and the World

12/02/2019. 2019 will be a year marked by the slowdown of the world economy. The first signs of weakness are also beginning to be felt in Spain - a fall in private consumption, investment and industrial production - although we are far from a recession like that of 2008.

From the struggle against ETA to the struggle for the story

23/01/2019. Gregorio Ordóñez was more than a political leader; he was a social leader to whom speaking clearly cost him his life. Javier Zarzalejos and María San Gil remember the scope of a figure and a legacy that represents the best political commitment.

Mid-term elections. Everyone wins

14/11/2018. Midterm elections in the USA are a thermometer, a pulse monitoring to the presidency. On this occasion, Democrats and Republicans consider themselves to have come out on top. Will the president change his tone? On what issues will the Democrats fight? Has the Republican Party definitely mutated?