OPENING OF CONSTITUTIONAL COURSE Pizarro: ‘Institutions are the backbone of organized societies’

01/07/2015. Manuel Pizarro has taken part today in the opening session of the Constitutional course of the 2015 FAES Campus. In his address he said that ‘the Constitution is in the frontispiece of the Rule of Law, it is the sheltering sky of coexistence’. ‘You cannot make a clean sweep of a Constitution that was so very hard to make’, he said.

Aznar and Tintori demand the freedom of political prisoners in Venezuela and ask for EU election observation missions

01/07/2015. José María Aznar has held a meeting this morning with Lilian Tintori, the wife of the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López, imprisoned by the regime of Nicolás Maduro. In the meeting, both agreed that political prisoners had to be released to ensure the legitimacy of parliamentary elections next December 6, and also that the EU has to get involved on the ground in the observation of Venezuela's democratic electoral process.

Francesc de Carreras: ‘Populism has little or nothing to do with democracy’

01/07/2015. The second session of the Constitutional Course has had as speaker the Lecturer of Constitutional Law at the University of Barcelona, Francesc de Carreras, who said that ‘populism has little or nothing to do with democracy' and that ‘if the main party of the left is not the PSOE we will enter a serious crisis of State.’

Catalá: “Nos encontramos en una encrucijada entre el centro reformista y un proyecto de ruptura”

01/07/2015. El ministro de Justicia, Rafael Catalá, ha advertido esta tarde en el Campus FAES que “nos encontramos en la encrucijada de un centro reformista que ha salvado a España de la intervención exterior, la quiebra y la salida del euro frente a un proyecto de ruptura que tiene como modelo la Venezuela bolivariana”. “Reforma frente a ruptura”, ha vaticinado durante su intervención sobre ‘La reforma de la Justicia’.

The Anti-Liberal Left: the ‘Podemos’ Case

01/07/2015. The first day of the Constitutional Course has been closed by the lecturer Manuel Álvarez Tardío, who was introduced by the journalist Santiago González.