The Spanish economy: mistakes and right paths

12/12/2019. Professor Juan Velarde points out in the new PapelesFAES that Pedro Sánchez's initial economic proposals are "alarming," and that the economic policy path of the socialist party and its allies leads to social ruin and crisis.

Circular economy: need and opportunity for Spain

28/11/2019. Europe has made the circular economy one of its political priorities and Spain is committed to moving in this direction. This FAES Paper gathers reflections and recommendations on the challenges and opportunities that underlie this paradigm shift.

Federalism and Presidential System in the United States. Why Impeachment?

25/11/2019. The United States is embarking on its fourth impeachment investigation. This Papers explain its origins, its conception under the premise of not being initiated by legal crime, but by a political one against the people, and not being a partisan tool to attack an adversary. The truth is that impeachment is a negation of the democratic electoral regime: the legislature decides to reverse the “will of the people” by removing the elected president.

The Atlantic Alliance 70 Years Later: From Reform to Rebuilding

18/11/2019. Seventy years later, the Alliance is weaker, at a time in which the Organization has, after undergoing a process of increased bureaucratization, stressed its vocation as a security-based one. Can we accept this NATO as the new normal? Is it an acceptable result of its adaptation within a new period? Should we not aspire to a better Alliance? Furthermore, does it even make sense that NATO exists in the year 2019?

30 years without the Berlin Wall. Liberal democracy and new paradigms

15/11/2019. La profesora Mira Milosevich, el exdiputado Miguel Ángel Cortés, el embajador Javier Rupérez y los profesores Florentino Portero y Jorge del Palacio dialogan sobre la Europa de hace 30 años y los cambios políticos y sociológicos producidos en las sociedades occidentales desde el derribo del Muro de Berlín, del que se cumple el trigésimo aniversario.

Brexit and parliamentary democracy in the UK

22/10/2019. A broad analysis of Brexit should include three interconnected dimensions: a crisis of a legal-constitutional nature, a crisis of parties and political representativeness, and a third socio-economic dimension. Thus, the British are facing a process of constitutional readjustment that aligns their institutions with a different political, economic and cultural reality; and they are doing so in an intense debate, exposed to the light and inelegant.

The ‘kale borroka’ in Catalonia

09/10/2019. In Catalonia there is a routine 'kale borroka' that is perceived in the propaganda of the independentist media, the psychological pressures, the insults, the yellow ties, the tweets, the whatsapp messages; the torchlight processions that recall the supremacist movements. And what does the 'revolución de las sonrisas' say in? Some keep quiet. Others show exquisite prudence. And the pro-independence groups of the Parliament of Catalonia and the President of the Generalitat pull the detainees shouting "freedom". The author of this #PapelesFAES asserts is a symptom of a sick society.

Escolano y Linde, sobre el futuro del euro y el papel de la Unión Bancaria

30/09/2019. El exministro de Economía Román Escolano y el exgobernador del Banco de España Luis María Linde han intercambiado opiniones sobre la actual coyuntura económica de la zona euro y su grado de preparación ante una posible recesión. Ambos analizan si con la lección aprendida de la crisis del año 2009 y a través de reformas se han corregido los errores de diseño institucional y de integración bancaria que atenazan a la UE.