The Spanish Constitution. Four perspectives on its 40th anniversary

24/01/2019. The Constitution became the key with which Spain gained access to a new reality. This study integrates four essays that underline its value from four different perspectives: institutional quality, reconciliation agreement, Constitution and Europe, and the referential value of the Transition in Latin America.

The Juncker Commission and the new nomination process

21/01/2019. Last autumn the big European political families started the process of candidatures for the indirect election of the new President of the European Commission by placing their candidates at the top of the list. It is time to take stock of the Juncker Commission's management.

Trump’s energy policy after two years

29/11/2018. The halfway point of Trump’s political cycle is a good time to review the decisions of his government, which has not lacked both criticism and praise, and which has placed the emphasis on energy independence, on the creation of wealth and employment, as well as on the reduction of the regulatory burden.

Human Rights in Cuba 2018

19/11/2018. It is time to put a firm, peaceful and external end to the regime, which is drowning in its own economic and management incompetence.

Transition and Constitution: A debate on History and Memory

05/09/2018. FAES has recently brought together an eminent group of historians and intellectuals to discuss the PSOE's draft law on Historical Memory. Its details, the concept of the initiative and its repercussions and media and political purposes. Presented in the congress last March, the proposal was vetoed by the Partido Popular government, claiming that it would mean an increase in spending. However, it seems that the new socialist government could bring it back. We replicate, with an editing, the most significant parts of that conversation.

Consequences of demographic decline in Spain

07/05/2018. El déficit de nacimientos es un fallo del modelo de sociedad que no podemos ignorar ni atender con medidas insuficientes. Nuestro futuro tiene pésimas perspectivas si no se hace de la recuperación de la natalidad una prioridad. De lo contrario asistiremos al empobrecimiento económico y familiar-afectivo, la hegemonía de los votantes jubilados, y la continua pérdida de peso internacional.

The Great Coalition 3.0. ¿The Last Chance?

11/04/2018. The agreement of the Great Coalition between CDU-CSU and SPD puts an end to 171 days without a government, the longest period in the history of Germany. The lack of surprise about the pact is one of the greatest strengths of the new government and the experience and the degree of knowledge of the three main actors –Merkel, Seehofer and Scholz- is the reason for optimism and guarantee of stability.

Analysis about the platform economy and its regulation

20/03/2018. The groundbreaking innovation in service delivery progresses at a lightning speed and the current technology, not the future technology but the one that already exists, makes possible to share knowledge about goods and services to exchange them in a more efficient way. Rocio Albert, asks to establish new “game” rules for everyone, the reason is that the digital transformation has turned them upside down in such a way that the existent rules make no sense.