Memory and forgetfulness of reconcilitian

12/03/2018. The PSOE's proposal of law to amend the so-called' “Ley de memoria histórica” is his ace up their sleeves that the Socialists are saving to respond to the intentions of Podemos in their quest to snatch the 'anti-Franco' flag from them. The journalist Pedro Corral, a PP councilor in Madrid, describes the proposal as "absolutely shattering", and argues in these FAES Papers that it is "the last burden to sweep away the constitutional system".

Keys for a successful energy changeover

07/03/2018. The energy changeover will require a rigorous decision-making process that combines technical stringency, political consensus, regulatory accuracy and the involvement of stakeholders. It is a change of model of a greater depth and scope than any of the changes in energy policies proposed to date. FAES reviews the challenges it raises and proposes a set of recommendations to make the process simple and cost-effective.

Sobre la reforma constitucional del Estado Autonómico

01/03/2018. El último Papeles FAES desmonta la urgencia y oportunidad para emprender una reforma constitucional en este momento, apelando al escaso fuste de las propuestas formuladas y a las “posibilidades de alimentar una controversia política estéril”. El autor, el catedrático de Derecho Autonómico de la Universidad Complutense Germán Fernández Farreres, considera “imprescindible hacer cumplir la ley y la Constitución con todo el rigor cuando se la desafía de manera frontal”. “Si no se actúa así, se corre un serio riesgo institucional de deslegitimación del Estado”, advierte.

Why the Italian left is always divided?

26/01/2018. The Italian left will assist again to the general elections with the division as a common note. Before the appointment scheduled for March 4th, and at a time where the coalition seems to be really necessary due to the new electoral law that rewards coalitions over parties, the favoritisms, the confrontations and the lack of agreement on fundamental points suggest that there will be no joint candidacy. This report goes through the history of the division and succession of defeats in which the Italian left lives since the end of the PCI.

Elecciones al Bundestag 2017: el precio de lo correcto

28/09/2017. El pasado domingo 24 de septiembre se celebraron las elecciones para conformar la 19ª Legislatura del Parlamento alemán. Los resultados traen algunas consecuencias significativas al panorama político del país y, entre ellas, la de más repercusión nacional e internacional es la entrada del partido populista de derecha AfD en el nuevo Parlamento.

A “Bad Bank” for Europe from a Triple Perspective

17/07/2017. The proposal for a European bad bank to tackle the high level of non-performing loans and clean up some banking institutions has generated debate and various positions. The authors of this report, Karel Lannoo (CEPS), Markus Demary and Matthias Diermeier (Cologne Institute for Economic Research), Gerard Arqué and Enric Fernández (CaixaBank Research), address the question from their respective perspectives.

La hora de Macron. Reformas necesarias y realineamiento político

28/06/2017. El 18 de junio se celebró la segunda vuelta de las elecciones legislativas para la renovación de los 577 escaños de la Asamblea Nacional francesa y los resultados fueron los esperados, pero con mejor resultado de lo previsto para los partidos tradicionales ante la desmovilización parcial de los votantes renovadores.

Gibraltar: What Could Have Been and What Still Could Be

16/05/2017. Fifteen years have passed (10th May) since the last “Draft Joint Spanish-British Declaration on Gibraltar". This draft still contained a number of differences which, although not minor exactly, were certainly resolvable in essentially related to the “long-lasting” or “definitive” character of the agreement, to the nature of an eventual binding referendum in Gibraltar and to the legal and operational status of the naval base and other military installations.