The Assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia

19/12/2019. Roberta Metsola. The people in Malta are looking to Europe for concrete actions proving their support: a framework in place to ensure that every Member State continues to play by the rules set out upon their accession and a pan-European rule of law mechanism must be designed and executed so that no Member State can violate our Treaty with impunity.

"In Bolivia we have avoided a dictatorship; now we have to build a real democracy"

10/12/2019. . Bolivia's former president and electoral candidate Carlos de Mes has explained that with the departure of Evo Morales, "tied to a fraud and an authoritarianism that was on the way to a dictatorship," the country has lived a critical moment in political terms. "Latin America requires renewed democratic responses for a networked society that grows in its demands", he has added. 

Urkullu also has a plan

04/12/2019. Vicente de la Quintana Díez. It is a matter of pure survival that parties loyal to the Constitution understand the peculiar idiosyncrasy of the nationalists; notice the effects on the Spanish political system that has unfolded its disproportionate influence; and act accordingly.

"Macroeconomic populism compromises Spain's ability to cope with the slowdown"

2019 llega a su fin caracterizado por una desaceleración en las principales zonas económicas del mundo, si bien los indicadores alejan una recesión inminente. En este contexto el caso de España merece especial mención, ensombrecido por los posibles acuerdos entre izquierda y extrema izquierda. La preocupación que genera la apuesta por el populismo macroeconómico, unida a la situación fiscal y a la insostenibilidad de la deuda pública, llevan al profesor del IE Business School Ignacio Muñoz-Alonso a alertar de la comprometida situación en la que quedaría España para afrontar la desaceleración.

Chile: democratic response to social explosion

15/11/2019. Felipe del Valle Rey. The violence has led Chile to a climate of ungovernability under which lies the intention to undermine the foundations of the Republic by demanding a Constituent Assembly. The ruling party seeks to make possible a new social pact with broad citizen participation, but the 'ball' is in the court of the left.

Bolivia in the face of the uncertainty of a political transition

13/11/2019. Mateo Rosales. The new stage should include all sectors of civil society and the parties to promote a proposal for a country that complies with the ideas of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, which have been absent from the political scene for the past fourteen years.

After 10N

With the backdrop of an accelerating economic slowdown, the curtain has been raised for us to see the spectacle of two politicians paired by their ambition and weakness. They star in a play between entanglement and drama. What has little mystery is the outcome. It will end badly, even if not soon.

FAES conmemora el 30 aniversario del derribo del Muro de Berlín con 12 testimonios

FAES ha conmemorado el 30 aniversario del derribo del Muro de Berlín haciendo públicos una serie de testimonios de diversas personalidades de la política, la economía, la diplomacia y la academia, tanto españoles como extranjeros. Doce voces que corroboran que el Muro de Berlín no se cayó, sino que fue derrumbado por quienes lucharon por la libertad en lo que fue un triunfo de la democracia liberal como sistema ético, político y económico superior al totalitarismo comunista. Y alertan, además, de las nuevas amenazas y desafíos que enfrentan hoy las democracias de mano de las mismas fuerzas totalitarias.