About Politics and History

04/07/2013. Hugh Thomas, historiador y escritor. Análisis by Hugh Thomas on politics and History

On Egypt 

04/07/2013. Anwar E. El Sadat, president, Reform and Development Party. Analysis by Anwar E. El Sadat on Egypt, in English

Sobre Egipto

04/07/2013. Anwar E. El Sadat, presidente del partido Reforma y Desarrollo. Análisis de Anwar E. El Sadat sobre Egipto

On the Rule of Law

03/07/2013. Felipe Calderón, expresidente de México. Analysis by Felipe Calderón on the Rule of Law

On Totalitarism in Venezuela

03/07/2013. María Corina Machado, diputada en la Asamblea Nacional de Venezuela. Analysis by María Corina Machado on totalitarism in Venezuela

On Technology and Power

03/07/2013. Yoani Sánchez, autora del blog Generación Y. Analysis by Yoani Sánchez on technology and power

Sobre la Alianza del Pacífico

03/07/2013. Álvaro Vargas Llosa, senior fellow, The Independent Institute. Análisis de Álvaro Vargas Llosa sobre la Alianza del Pacífico

On Kirchner's Letter to the Pope and the Electronic Edition of Carlos Rangel's Book

02/07/2013. Xavier Reyes Matheus. With letters to the Pope began, a little over five centuries ago, the history of America. The Catholic Monarchs and the Pope, who were the parties involved in that mail, shared their homeland.