Presentation of the FAES report 'Latin America. A 2018 Freedom Agenda'


Zarzalejos |
“Venezuela has become a dictatorship and Nicaragua is on its way to becoming one”

“Legislative reforms in Cuba do not respond to the slightest intention of change, but to the desire to perpetuate the regime in power”

Pastrana |
“Venezuela is not a narco-State as Colombia was; it is a State which takes part in drug trafficking by itself. And there is no dialogue with drug trafficking”

“I want to ask President Iván Duque to lead the push for Luis Almagro’s re-election as Secretary General of the OAS”
“Odebretch almost wiped out democracy in Latin America”

Aznar |
“Venezuela is the new Cuba. Beyond drug trafficking, it is a threat by itself”

“Opposition has unfortunately been dismantled; there is no organized opposition force, and that is a tragedy because it impedes practical policies fostering the substitution of Maduro’s regime”
“In Spain we have a singular government. Its populist features are extraordinarily polluting”
“Authoritarian and illiberal regimes are becoming increasingly attractive. There is a great temptation for order and security to be appreciated by citizens as alternatives to freedom”
“The effectiveness of public policies is an ever-increasing demand”

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