After Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself president in charge of Venezuela The end of the blind alley


Yesterday’s proclamation of Juan Guaidó as president in charge, a man who is the current president of the National Assembly, the only power with constitutional and democratic legitimacy in Venezuela, must be the end of the blind alley of Nicolás Maduro and the Chavista oligarchy. Guaidó must be recognized by Spain and the European Union, as they have the moral and political duty to join the countries that have already done so, among which are all Latin American democracies - except Mexico -, that have reacted with opportunity and sense of the historical juncture that Venezuela is experiencing, along with the United States and Canada.

We cannot say that the reaction of the Spanish Government has been disappointing because nothing relevant could be expected from a Government installed in the evanescence of a sterile appeal to the dialogue with Maduro and his accomplices in the narco-state they have turned Venezuela into. Lacking his own convictions and having renounced the role of reference in the European Union on Latin America, the coordinates that Sánchez and his government have followed are those that mark the sterile determination -to put it mildly- of the former president Rodríguez Zapatero as a mediator rejected by the democratic opposition and, on the other hand, the Chavista commitment of his partners from Podemos. These ones are even shameless enough to describe Guaidó’s proclamation as a 'coup d'état', when they should offer a credible explanation of their links with the Chavista autocracy and of their obscene admiration for the regime of misery and repression Venezuelan people are living. There are still recent grotesque statements by Íñigo Errejón ("Chavez lives, the struggle continues") in which he admired that thanks to Chavismo Venezuelas ate three meals a day and explained that the enormous queues to get food were a result of the consumerist eagerness of the population stimulated by Chavismo. The lie about Venezuela and Chavismo, for which Errejón and Iglesias have been stubborn spokespersons and shameful accomplices, must come to an end.

The reaction of the government letting the European Union respond is not an act of prudence to ensure the unity of our partners in this matter, but a sign of the confusion and inability, which fits perfectly with that policy of getting out of the way in everything that requires confronting real problems. The matter is referred to the European Union as if Brussels were an outside body. But the reality is that Spain must be part of that response, that it must have a national position to defend, and that it should lead that response from the preferential position that the Union recognizes when it comes to Ibero-America.

The simple expression of good wishes has expired. The presidency assumed by Juan Guaidó and already widely recognized means making all the consequences of Maduro’s illegitimacy effective, with the legal and political effects that derive from such illegitimacy and that must be very considered by those who insist on maintaining relations of all kinds with Maduro’s government, including commercial ones.

The democratic opposition has rebuilt its unity, renewed its leadership and is able to offer a sensible transition project. Therefore, the question can no longer be under what conditions Maduro continues but, in any case, when and how he leaves; in other words, very soon. The role of the Armed Forces is undoubtedly essential. However, this role must be to facilitate the transition process, which is already unavoidable, not to try to stop it with repression that would have to be generalized and bloody. It is doubtful that the chiefs of the Armed Forces risk testing the obedience of their subordinates if they order them to shoot at the civilian population. In any case, this possibility exists and must be the object of all the deterrence of their international community so that Maduro and his court of assassins accept that this is over.

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