The letter <i>El País</i> refuses to publish


La carta que El Pa?s se niega a publicar

/04.12.2008/??Newspaper El Pa?s refused?on 3 December, to publish the letter written by the Secretary-General of FAES Foundation, Jaime Garc?a-Legaz, to the Editor of the aforementioned newspaper, denouncing the manipulation of information performed by El Pa?s over the subject of CIA Flights.

In the interests of freedom of speech, the whole Letter to the Editor that El Pa?s did not wish to publish can be found below:

Madrid, December 3, 2008

Dear Sir:

With respect to the information published by El Pa?s on November 30 and December 1, 2 and 3, 2008, concerning Mr. Aznar and under the heading "Dirty War on Terror", I would like to state the following:

- The headlines "A Secret Report Reveals that Flights to Guantanamo Bay Were Carried Out With the Connivance of Aznar", "Aznar Searched For Discreet Airports for Transfers of Prisoners to Guantanamo", and "The Government, Congress and Supreme Court Investigate the Secret Aznar-Bush Pact" are quite simply false, as can be seen from the information which was actually published which makes reference to documents on meetings held by Spanish and US officials within the frame of the Agreement on Defense Cooperation between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Spain. None of the documents prove the existence of a "secret pact" between Mr. Aznar and Mr. Bush simply because such a pact never existed. It is only a falsehood devised by newspaper El Pa?s. Only a total lack of respect for journalist ethics and professionalism could lead to heading in such a way the information published.

- The Ministry of Defense has denied the information published by El Pa?s, officially declaring that "US authorities have confirmed in writing that all those flights took place in accordance with Article 25.2 of the Agreement on Defense Cooperation, that is, they did not carry cargo or passengers that might be controversial to Spain" and similarly that "the Ministry of Defense has no record of any illegal flights or stop-overs by aircrafts belonging to the United States Air Force taking place on Spanish soil, or that could have, in any way, infringed the international agreements signed by Spain on this matter."

- The sensationalism of El Pa?s is not something new. In September 2004, in one of its editorials, El Pa?s even went as far as saying "there is a disturbing similarity between Aznar and Bin Laden." El Pa?s thus established similarities between a terrorist victim and a terrorist. Indeed, that is what is really disturbing.

- As Spanish citizens are perfectly aware, the only dirty war on terror ever taking place in Spain was the one that occurred during the Socialist Administration preceding Mr. Aznar"s Government.


Jaime Garc?a-Legaz,

Secretary-General of FAES Foundation