Fight Against Terror


Terrorism is a threat to open societies, blackmailing liberal democracies and attempting to force them to abandon their values and principles. Terrorism resorts to all means possible in its attempts to destroy the principles of coexistence against a background of freedom upon which our society is built. Spain has a long and painful history of sudden attack by terrorists and their persistent commitment to destruction. FAES is convinced that what the terrorists are seeking in their perpetuation of terror is for us - the West - to make concessions. On the basis of this conviction we are working intensively to study and analyse ideas and strategies that will put an end to the coercion being applied by terrorists and defend our principles and values of democratic coexistence against the totalitarianism of terror Spain has had long experience of the desire to undermine coexistence that has been pursued by terrorists. The fight against the terrorist group ETA has been going on for 40 years already. Today, a further challenge is that of Islamic terrorism against western societies FAES is aware of these challenges and is analysing both the risks of the scourge that is terrorism and the strategies to confront it successfully. It is also looking particularly carefully at the policies that seek merely to appease the terrorist in order to prove his inefficiency and injustice