Launch of <i>España, claves de prosperidad</i>

19/04/2010 Jos? Mar?a Aznar: "Good policies enabled a prosperous Spain. The other policies, money squandering, raising taxes, public deficit out of control, and the increase of public debt to unsustainable levels, are Socialist policies. Policies that belong to Socialism now, as well as they did to Socialism before. Same policies, same results: economic crisis, company close-down, and massive unemployment." "Spain has capacity in excess to become again a dynamic and enterprising country that creates jobs and opportunities. The problem isn"t Spain, the problem are its Government and policies." "The keys to prosperity that enabled us to go from stagnation to growth, and from unemployment to employment can be summarised in two: economic freedom and budget austerity." Mariano Rajoy: "The best decision of that economic policy was not economy, though good it was, but politics. We must not forget that we are talking about politics. Politics not only applies economic policies and chooses the best options. The important thing is making them real, and this is not an economic task, this is the essence of politics. "We chose correctly the economic criteria at the time, and we chose even more correctly the policies that made them real." "If reality is not acknowledged, and wealth is misappropriated, and advice is rejected, and credit is squandered, and the capacity of Spaniards is wasted, and the word of the Government is discredited? we cannot blame economists. The responsibility belongs to those who do not know and do not dare to implement an effective economic management." Rodrigo Rato: "The difference between social-democracy and the PP is the existence of a team, and globalism and consistence." "The PSOE, refers to economic policy saying that economics stops them from doing what they would like to do, and calls that realism. In the PP we say that economy allows us to do what we want to do, and we call that prosperity." "Economic policy can only be reliable when it is predictable. Social-democracy"s economic policy is not predictable. "Adaptability" to reality only creates insecurity in citizens." Luis de Guindos: "We had two main references. During the first term in office, it was to access the euro fulfilling all criteria. During the second term, it was not about reaching, it was about staying, along with the other European countries, it was about having a competitive economy." "The only applicable thing at the crisis of today is the same philosophy"