Camino de libertad

11/05/2010 Jos? Mar?a Aznar: "We did something essential, and that was placing victims of terrorism where they should be placed, that is, on their due material and moral compensation, on their symbolic acknowledgement, on their deserved value to their testimony and example" "The Court of Strasbourg"s ruling should be remembered: Acting in a democracy not only demands condemning terrorist violence - and that is the word, condemn - but also abandoning any political project incompatible with freedoms. In other words, not all ideas are legitimate in a democracy despite them being expressed outside violence" "Because of their means and their ends, because of their assassins and their supports, because of the right for freedom and democracy to prevail over those who have sought to destroy it, there is only one possible demand before terrorism, which is none other than reaching the end of the road leading to the defeat of terror" Ignacio Cosid?: "This book is dedicated to those people giving the best of their lives fighting against ETA. Hundreds were lost in the way, but many thousands have given their very best for a long time to achieve the defeat of terrorism" "Jos? Mar?a Aznar"s Government never negotiated politically with ETA, never gave in to terror"s blackmail, it never crossed a single millimetre of the line set by the Law. In other words, during those eight years, there were no Loyolas, no De Juanas, and no faisanes" ?ngel Acebes: "Thirty years ago Spain gained democracy. But since then it has had to fight strongly, very strongly, for freedom to prevail" "To accept Batasuna has a nature and vocation different to ETA"s is the previous step to acknowledging it as a legitimate political party to run for the elections. That is the greatest boost ETA could receive in such a weak time as this" "If we do things the right way, we can defeat ETA, its gunmen, and its project. If we take the road of regeneration, we can get out of the crisis and make Spain return to its rightful place among the best democracies of the world. Then, we will have achieved two major successes in one stroke: we will have made ETA"s end coincide with a new beginning for Spain" Jaime Mayor Oreja: "In spite of the many years we have spent suffering the acts of the terrorist organization ETA, some still persist to ignore its nature and purpose. ETA is a political project, a project that seeks to destroy the Spanish nation" "ETA may change its members, allies, strategies, methods, alliances, but its nature and aims never change" "Spanish people do not deserve a road full with fiction and falseness. ETA deserves most of all to be defeated. Its victims and Spanish society deserve the truth" Mariano Rajoy: "All counterterrorist policies should have memory, respect and voice for the victims, who must have an essential role in the defeat of ETA" "Neither ETA nor its franchises should be allowed to run for elections" "ETA is not only a gunman, it is an entirety. We must fight against that entirety with the whole law" Address by Jos? Mar?a Aznar (in Spanish)( Address by Ignacio Cosid? (in Spanish)( by ?ngel Acebes (in Spanish)( by Mariano Rajoy (in Spanish)( Pictures of the launch of Espa?a, camino de libertad(