Rescuing Democracy


Antonio Ledezma: “Hugo Chavez uses the virtues of democracy to dismantle constituted Powers and end with the separation of powers, a fantasy in Venezuela. Chavez controls the public prosecuting office, now a wall where dissident voices are placed before a firing squad; and the Court of Audit, where corruption cases are settled”

“Chavez defends poverty, its a quality for him. Those of us who don’t believe in the Welfare State hope for a Government that distributes opportunities, training, employment, health services”

“The Venezuelan constitution has been breached by its own promoters. No country can develop itself economically if the Rule of Law is not respected”

“In Venezuela, poor people pay the highest tax of all: the absence of public services and the soaring inflation, the highest of the continent”

“The dilemma in not between right and left, but between democracy and dictatorship. The defence of democracy knows no limits. We asked the Spanish people for solidarity, and we have found it at the Partido Popular”