Challenges and Ambitions for Europe

22/10/2010 Alberto Carnero: We are going through a pleasant time because the European Union has awarded the Sakharov Prize to Guillermo Fari?as. We would like to take this opportunity to show our support to Cuban dissidents Europe is going through a moment of challenges and risks. The economic and financial crisis has put the soundness of the European project itself to the test; it is the most urgent and obvious of the crisis lived by the European Union, but indeed not the only one Johan Swinnen: The priorities of the Belgian presidency revolve around five axes: Economic: fighting against the crisis Social: on the European year of the fight against poverty we want to make this effort a believable one a avoid social exclusion Security: We cannot make the previous efforts credible if we don't provide an environment of security, justice and freedom Environment: It is an immediate challenge. We must give support to contribute to the global effort to achieve more than we achieved in Copenhagen European diplomatic: establishing a European diplomatic service and EU enlargement J?zsef V?gh: The priorities of the Hungarian presidency are: Economic growth and employment creation to preserve the European model. To seek a sustainable competition; an improvement of SMEs' situation, given their key role for employment creation, analysing population trends and family policies. A stronger Europe: it is necessary to do an intensive debate on the future of sectorial policies A Europe that is closer to citizens Enlargement and neighbourhood policy: enlarge with responsibility, end negotiations with Croatia, keep the West Balkans countries hopes alive Jaime Mayor Oreja: Most EU Governments belong to the European People's Party's family Our families' parties keep having good results The crisis of values is resulting in the emergence of extremist parties with more or less representation Social conflicts are growing because of the measures to get out of the crisis The European left is going to try to divide the ideological space of our family Issues that are badly resolved are going to increase social problems We are at a transition stage Anyone analysing the crises lived by Europe will end up at the crisis of values We need to recover the values in the EU. The most important of all, the truth to talk to citizens. We must talk the truth to citizens and tell them our limitations