ETA on a voting truce

26/10/2010 Antonio Basagoiti: This book is very important because it defines what ETA is, it says how we can put an end to ETA, and it tells how a policy was enforced to defeat it. Before that policy implemented by Jos? Mar?a Aznar, the Government had only expected a draw ETA isn't just a gang of criminals, although indeed it is also that. ETA is a network with a fascist and totalitarian political project Today we are living a crucial moment. We have advanced much but there are still risks. ETA has many difficulties to achieve its political goals and that's making it find a way out. What we have to do is prevent it from achieving those goals. That's ETA's defeat The defeat of terrorism means that they won't get any reward for killing nor for ceasing to kill. That's the only decent and effective way out. Otherwise it would be like saying that they killed the victims for a reason After Hitler, the Nazi party has never been able to run for the elections in Germany Today ETA is on a voting truce If somebody wants to make mistakes let him know that the Partido Popular is here. And that Mariano Rajoy will turn everything that shouldn't have been done around once he gets to office Ignacio Cosid?: No one has done more for ETA's defeat than the Basque people, and no one has paid a higher price that the Basque people Aznar's Government took the victims out from oblivion in order to place them on the forefront of the fight against terror Today we are living again moments of great confusion which remind us of the early days of another negotiation with ETA A political rehabilitation process of Batasuna has been started that seeks to differentiate it from ETA, when they're actually the same thing Ignacio Astarloa: There's no other possible future than the complete and total defeat of terrorists. And, for that, what we have to do is fight with the law, the whole law and nothing but the law, against all arms of terror, and set the victims at the frontispiece of the fight Everyone must be clear on this. The defeat of terrorism is not only possible but will actually take place if the policy that should be applied is applied, and this can be summarised in law, police, judges, Rule of Law, international cooperation and respect for the victims. Today we know that negotiating is not necessary for defeat. Therefore, those who insist on negotiating is because they don't want an end implying defeat, but something else Right now, what ETA wants, is to run for the elections. And for that they have their agenda and they are following it A simple rhetorical condemnation of terrorism is not enough to turn terrorists into non-terrorists. Again the man of peace will come and again they will tell us that Batasuna isn't ETA Mar Blanco: To finish with ETA we have to keep the memory and the dignity of the victims alive, and we have to enforce the law. The only way is being firm in the fight against terrorism In the lead years, victims were exonerated to exonerate the murderer. After my brother was killed, the assassins saw how the citizens confronted their mafia-type bet. The citizens gave a great lesson of freedom and dignity Peace can never have a price. Peace can only be the result of enforcing the law. Only from freedom will we achieve a final lasting peace The fight against ETA is the fight of democracy against totalitarianism. Let them not succeed in getting by not killing what they didn't get by killing. Because the principles of truth, memory and justice are incompatible with any strategy of understanding, dialogue or negotiation Javier Zarzalejos: With political leadership, moral clarity and confidence in the law terrorism was addressed as it was and is: a criminal undertaking We saw that democracy could and should defeat its enemies, that is terrorists We saw that votes and bombs not only weren't incompatible, but were in fact complementary. And, for that reason, politicians and terrorist bombs must be fought equally Today, Batasuna is trying to act as if ETA didn't exist, or worse still, as if ETA had never existed, but no democrat can act as if blood had never been shed You cannot treat those who will use all semantic resources as something they are not. They are not converts of democracy but enemies of democracy