La constitución de la nación

19/05/2011 Benigno Pend?s: Spain should enjoy its collective success but instead, it entangles itself in disloyalties and selfishness. The solution is, once again, more Constitution. The best Constitution of Spain's history, in close competition with Cadiz's, is the '78 one. The solution is there: meeting and enforcing the Constitution

With as many things as we have, it is a real pity that Spain's best minds should be set to regional organisation. What would the Spanish nation achieve should those minds be liberated

The great doubt for a theorist of political ideas is why the Spanish left forgives peripheral nationalisms but is quite aloof instead from the constitutional centre-right, direct inheritor of enlightened thought

The Constitution of '78 set Spain on the only place it should be, in Europe and in the World. Constitutional Spain deserves respect and admiration

?ngel Rivero: We have become so imbued with nationalism that we associate nation with negative aspects. The concept of nation stemming from Cadiz is essential for democratic coexistence

The legitimacy of the nation of citizens is not dependant on its genealogy. There are different concepts of nation, some serve freedom, and others serve authoritarian and destructive projects

Javier Zarzalejos: Only in Cadiz and in the Constitution of '78 we show the will of finding full constitutionality and freedoms

We shouldn't fret so much over when the Spanish nation was born but endeavour to preserve it instead

Jos? Pedro P?rez-Llorca: The Constitution of Cadiz is a utopian endeavour, with aesthetical beauty, of preserving the unity with America

Ignacio Astarloa: It is positive indeed that we should defend the assertions explained in this book before those who yesterday offended the Spanish nation, many millions of people, a coexistence system which, we do not really know why, some tried to shoot into destruction and now, on top of that, they try to justify that they tried to shoot it into destruction because it was indeed so strong that is could only be attacked by shooting it Video of the launch and presentation (in Spanish) ( 'La constituci?n de la naci?n' (