Work and responsibility rather than subsidies


Iain Duncan Smith: “Poverty should be a conservative issue – the creation of free markets is about giving power to the poorest and weak, not rewarding the greedy and strong. Adam Smith, who wrote extensively on all this, already talked about morality as an issue here”

“We wanted to introduce reforms that would put work and responsibility back at the heart of system, changing lives not just maintaining them on welfare. The phrase here had to be: ‘work pays more than benefits’”

“We believe that what is important is not necessarily who delivers employment support, but whether what they do works. That’s why we are overhauling the current system and replacing it with a new Work Programme, which will be delivered by many of the best organisations in the private and voluntary sectors. We will pay these providers for the work they do, but the vast majority of these payments will only be made if they actually show results. Get someone into work, and we’ll pay them a significant portion of their fee. Keep them in work, and that’s when they’ll get the really big payout”

“It is part of our contract with the British people. This Government is reforming welfare to make work pay, and to help people back to work. And we are toughening sanctions against those who refuse to take jobs when they are available”

“Trabajaremos duro para romper con la dependencia de los subsidios y prepararemos a los jóvenes para el mercado laboral, pero también necesitaremos que las empresas cumplan su parte y les den una oportunidad, y no que simplemente recurran al trabajo de mano de obra extranjera. Si tanto el gobierno como las empresas trabajan codo con codo y unidos, creo que finalmente podremos dar una oportunidad a nuestros jóvenes”