FAES launches the report 'Latin America: An Agenda for Freedom 2012' in Brazil


http://prensa.fundacionfaes.org/2012/ABRIL/PRESENTACION+INFORME+BRASIL+DENTRO+555.jpg! At the beginning of the launching programme of the FAES report, which will unfold in the following months Hirschfeld: Legal certainty underpins countries' political and institutional relations Madrid, 24.04.12.- FAES Foundation has launched today in Sao Paulo the strategic report 'Latin America: An Agenda for Freedom 2012' at the 4th Meeting of International relations Experts, organised by the Union of Latin American Parties UPLA, on Brazil's foreign policy. Thus starts the report's launching programme which will unfold in the following months. The third day of the UPLA meeting, which took place on Tuesday, 24th April, has hosted as speaker the FAES coordinator for Latin American Programmes, Guillermo Hirschfeld, who presented the model used to produce and generate ideas for this new version of the report. Being the main thesis that the region faces a historical opportunity to consolidate its development, Hirschfeld pointed out that the more open a country's economy is, the greater its prosperity opportunities for its citizens and companies. In this sense, he declared that Legal certainty not only underpins countries' economic relations, but also their political and institutional relations. Modernity demands discarding procedures and policies which have proved to be a failure, he stated. This meeting has gathered more than 20 political parties from 15 countries, many of them in office now, and it has eased the dissemination of the proposals described at the FAES document. With the aim of launching it as a political instrument that joins the like-minded around the ideas of freedom, democracy, Rule of Law, and progress, the event has helped intensify the Foundation's activities with Latin America's party organisations. In this line, Hirschfeld remarked that it is essential that classical-liberal, conservative and Christian-Democrat parties cooperate among themselves to strengthen the values they share, as well as the need to make this proposal effective through politics, will and determination". The report 'Latin America: An Agenda for Freedom 2012' recently launched in Cadiz by the president of FAES and former Prime Minister of Spain, Jos? Mar?a Aznar, is an updated and extended edition of the one published by FAES in 2007. The MP for the PP, Miguel ?ngel Cort?s and the former director of FAES International Department and current Chief of Staff of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alberto Carnero, have directed this version, which has had contributions from over 1400 people and 100 institutions from Spain and Latin America.