Economics Course of 2012 FAES Campus

02/07/2012 Address by Ernesto Zedillo Rosell: The Challenge of Competitiveness in a Global Environment Arthur B. Laffer: A Fiscal Framework Addressed to Economic Growth de Oriol, Percival Manglano, El?as Ramos and Pablo Arias: New Opportunities to Start a Company in a Globalised World Pisani-Ferry, Fernando Fern?ndez, Florian Eder and Brian Carney: The Future of Europe in a new International Economic Scenario Garc?a-Legaz, Alberto Nadal, Joaqu?n Trigo and Juan Velarde: Key Issues on the Economic Crisis: Is This a Global Crisis? F. Lasquetty, Mauricio Rojas and Francisco Cabrillo: Rethinking the Welfare State: Hindrance or Growth Lever? de Guindos Closes the Economics Course of the 2012 FAES Campus