FAES' Overview of Activities in 2012


http://prensa.fundacionfaes.org/2012/DICIEMBRE/MONTAJITO+2012.jpg FAES' Overview of Activities in 2012 Madrid, 26.12.12.- "FAES Foundation" has undertaken several significant activities throughout the year 2012. These include the celebration of events such as the Ceremony granting the "IV FAES Freedom Award" to Mario Vargas Llosa; the ninth edition of the "FAES Campus" and its counterparts in Argentina, Colombia, Central America and the Caribbean and Peru; and the publishing and launching of the reports "_Rescuing the Euro_" "_El mito fiscal. Razones para un debate_" and "_Latin America. An Agenda for Freedom 2012_" In addition to this, FAES has published four annual issues of its magazine _Cuadernos de Pensamiento Pol?tico_, six _FAES Papers_ and, with its publishing house Gota a Gota, three new books. Amongst the major events organised by the Foundation in 2012 are the awarding of the "IV FAES Freedom Award" to Mario Vargas Llosa, appointed unanimously by FAES' Board of Trustees following a proposal of its president, "Jos? Mar?a Aznar" for his work in defence of freedom. Other major events in 2012 have been the launching, in Berlin, as part of the annual conference of the European Ideas Network, the Special FAES Paper "_Rescuing the Euro_" written in collaboration with Fernando Fernandez, and translated into English and German; and the report "_El mito fiscal. Razones para un debate_" , published by FAES and written by Gabriel Elorriaga, ?ngel de la Fuente, Juan Jos? Rubio, Santiago ?lvarez and Pascual Fern?ndez , in Barcelona. Also noteworthy was the "launching in Cadiz" to celebrate the bicentenary of the 1812 Constitution, of the FAES strategic report "_Latin America. An Agenda for Freedom 2012_" The report promotes the joining of similar-minded parties of the region around common ideas and viable projects to consolidate liberal democracy, respect individual freedoms, enforcement of the Rule of Law, institution-building and open economy. Furthermore, the report was also released in the "US Capitol" in "Brazil" where a "cooperation agreement with the foundation of the Social Democratic Party" was also signed, "Mexico" "Colombia" "Guatemala" "Peru" "Dominican Republic" and Argentina. It was also handed to the Chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee in the U.S. House "Ileana Ros-Lehtinen" to the President of the Chamber of Deputies of Chile, "Nicolas Monckeberg" to former president of Mexico "Felipe Calder?n" to the president of the Christian Democrat Organisation of America (ODCA), "Jorge Ocejo" and to the president-in-office of the Liberal Network for Latin America (RELIAL), "Hector ?"aupari" among other authorities of the international scenario, as well as to various groups such as the "Venezuelan opposition" or "the Union of Latin American Parties, UPLA" . FAES CAMPUS Another of the main activities carried out by the Foundation has been holding the "ninth edition of the FAES Campus" celebrated ever since 2003 in Navacerrada. Led by Secretary-General of FAES, Javier Zarzalejos, the Campus has hosted, on this occasion, amongst other speakers, the Prime Minister of Spain, "Mariano Rajoy" the vice-president, "Soraya S?enz de Santamar?a" the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, "Jos? Manuel Garc?a-Margallo" the Minister of Justice, "Alberto Ruiz-Gallard?n" the Minister of Finance and Competitiveness "Luis de Guindos" the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport, "Jos? Ignacio Wert" the Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, "Ana Mato" and the secretary-general of the Partido Popular and regional president of Castilla-La Mancha, "Maria Dolores de Cospedal" The Campus also featured international personalities such as economist "Arthur B. Laffer" historian and Regius Professor Emeritus of Oxford University, "John Elliot" Germany's Secretary of Finance, "Steffen Kampeter" and former presidents of Colombia and Bolivia, "Belisario Betancur" and "Jorge Quiroga" respectively. The success of this gathering devoted to the study and analysis on the major issues discussed in Spain and in the world has driven an expansion of the format, for the third consecutive year, to "Argentina" It has also been organised for the first time in "Peru" and "Central America and the Caribbean" and is already set for its opening this January in Chile. FAES PUBLICATIONS AND GOTA A GOTA BOOKS During 2012, FAES has also published the book "_Los espa?oles ante el cambio_" by Jos? Ignacio Wert. The Foundation has also worked on the books published by its imprint, Gota a Gota, "_Ahora, y para siempre, libres_" by Martin Alonso; Europa ante una crisis global, coordinated by V?ctor P?rez-D?az, and launched in "Madrid " and "Barcelona " which will soon be published also in English, and two editions of "_Desmontando el progresismo. La izquierda en sus cavernas_" by Edurne Uriarte, launched in Madrid. Similarly, FAES' journal _Cuadernos de Pensamiento Pol?tico_ has published issues "33" "34" "35 " and "36 " and FAES Papers no. 159 to 164, concerned, among other issues, on "market unity and recovering competitiveness" "the measures of the EU to confront the crisis" "the elections in the United States" and "the political situation in Venezuela" as well as a tribute to the political figure of "Manuel Fraga" OTHER EVENTS Among other events, in 2012 FAES held in Madrid the "seminar FAES-Google on "'The impact of the Internet on the economy'" the one organised by "FAES and the Embassy of South Korea" on the occasion of the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul; and the "launch of the Index of Economic Freedom" written by the 'Heritage Foundation'. Several seminars have also been held at the Foundation such as the one organised by the "European Ideas Network" on the role of the EU in the 'Arab Spring' and the one organised in Barcelona in coordination with ESADE Law School on Human Rights. Alongside these activities, FAES has organised meetings in its "Center for Atlantic Studies" on the elections in the United States, and in the "FAES Centre for Latin American Studies" on recent political events that have taken place in Venezuela. In addition to this, FAES also organised the "XI FAES-CES Program of Latin American Visitors" and the "I Program of Middle East and North African Visitors" Moreover, during 2012 the Foundation has held frequent meetings with leading figures and institutions, foundations, party organizations, international think tanks, amongst them the Centrist Democrat International, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the National Democratic Institute. FAES also organised with the Partido Popular of Aragon its "Tarazona's Summer School" and attended the "17th National Congress of the PP" which was held in Seville, as well as the "regional congresses" of the party in Madrid, Catalonia, Aragon and Murcia. http://prensa.fundacionfaes.org/2012/DICIEMBRE/MONTAJITO+2012.jpg