FAES analyses Venezuela's political future


http://prensa.fundacionfaes.org/2012/NOVIEMBRE/FAESVENEZUELAINTERIOR.jpg! Madrid, 30.11.12.- FAES Foundation's' Centre for Latin American Studies has held a new meeting with the title 'Venezuela's Future' on November 30. This gathering was devoted to analysing recent political events in the country and its electoral process. The Foundation's director of the International Area, Cayetana ?lvarez de Toledo, FAES' coordinator for Latin American Programmes, Guillermo Hirschfeld, and the writer and political analyst Xavier Reyes have participated in the meeting. During the seminar, ?lvarez de Toledo stated that "the electoral defeat should not lead to division" because what Venezuela needs is a democratic alternative that's "united, strong, brave and willing to tell the truth". Throughout her speech, the director of the International Department of FAES has said that "there is no democracy just because elections are held: democracy only exists when power is limited, and when the rights and freedom of the people are fully protected". Therefore, she also stressed that the opposition has to avoid "demoralisation and defeatism", as "Democratic Unity Round-table has not lost, but has rather begun to win". In addition to this, Hirschfeld declared that "the opposition is aware that it is difficult to play in this situation and knows that there is no worse struggle for democracy and freedom than that which is not waged". In this sense, Hirschfeld recalled that "wherever strong democracies, institutional strengthening, the Rule of Law and free and open societies prevail, prosperity thrives". Finally, Reyes pointed out that one of the dangers facing the region is that "in some Latin American countries despotism is trying t return using civil liberties and democracy". He also stated that "socialism is a construct, often supported by the sophistry of language" seeking to articulate a discourse based on demagoguery. Established as an observatory for political, economic and social analysis in Latin America, the FAES Centre for Latin American Studies comprises more than 50 experts, including professors, writers, entrepreneurs, analysts and young leaders from more than ten countries. Their meetings seek to generate ideas to improve Latin America's situation and to strengthen ties with universities, think tanks and parties on both sides of the Atlantic.