FAES Launches in the Dominican Republic Latin America: An Agenda for Freedom 2012



In addition to the launches in Bogotá, Washington, Sao Paulo and Cádiz

Hirshfeld gave a copy of the document to the Dominican Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Morales Troncoso

Madrid,16.07.12.- "FAES Foundation" launched in the Dominican Republic its strategic report "Latin America: An Agenda for Freedom 2012" during a forum celebrated by the Centre for Public Policy Analysis, CAPP, at the historic Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo. The coordinator for Latin American Programmes, Guillermo Hirschfeld, and the MP of the Reformist Party and President of CAPP, Victor Bisono participated in the event, organised in collaboration with the three major organisations of centre-right political parties of Latin America, RELIAL, UPLA and ODCA. Next day, Hirshfeld gave a copy of the book to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Dominican Republic, Carlos Morales Troncoso.

The launch of the FAES report in Santo Domingo can be added to the three already celebrated in "Bogotá" "Washington" "Sao Paulo" and "Cádiz" The book, that calls for the joining of the like-minded and promotes at both sides of the Atlantic ideas of liberal democracy, respect for individual liberties, validity of the Rule of Law, institutional strengthening and open economy, will also be launched in 2012 in other American countries like Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Guatemala and Ecuador; as well as in European cities like Brussels, London and Berlin.

Latin America: An Agenda for Freedom 2012 is an updated and extended edition of the FAES report already published in 2007 by FAES on the situation and future of the region. This version has benefited from the contribution of over 1400 people and 100 institutions from Spain and Latin America.