On Friday, September 27, at the Annual Concordia Summit in New York Aznar states that “Europe needs more sources of growth to create employment”


    _ También ha participado en la reunión anual del Consejo Asesor Presidencial para el Crecimiento Económico y la Inversión de Haití

    _ Asimismo ha asistido a la entrega de premios Global Citizen del Atlantic Council, a cuyo Comité Asesor Internacional pertenece

José María Aznar, former Prime Minister of Spain and President of FAES Foundation, participated on Friday, September 27 in the Annual Concordia Summit in New York, where he stated that “Europe needs more sources of growth to create employment.” Aznar particularly referred to “four pillars of an economic nature but of great political importance”: a real banking union, the free trade and investment agreement with the United States, the deepening in the single European market and the development of a common energy policy.

The former Prime Minister of Spain is part of Concordia’s Leadership Council, a body that promotes public-private partnerships. Other international leaders, such as Álvaro Uribe, former President of Colombia, and Aleksander Kwaśniewski,former President of Poland, are also members of the council.


During his stay in New York, Aznar also participated in the third annual meeting of the Presidential Advisory Council on Economic Growth and Investment of Haiti. The aim of this body is to advise President Michel Martelly's Administration on how to improve the image and international competition of Haiti. Aznar is part of the council together with Bill Clinton, former President of the United States, and several former Latin-American presidents such as Álvaro Uribe, from Colombia, and Jorge Quiroga, from Bolivia.

Aznar also attended the Atlantic Council of the United States Global Citizen Awards in New York, as a member of its International Advisory Board since 2007. This prestigious American think tankhas been promoting leadership and commitment in foreign policy issues on the basis of transatlantic cooperation and international security for more than fifty years. On this occasion, the Atlantic Council distinguished with its awards Bronislaw Komorowski, President of Poland, for his political leadership; Her Majesty the Queen Rania of Jordan, for her humanitarian work; and Seiji Ozawa, the renowned orchestra conductor, in the artistic field.