Juan Rosell Stresses the Need to Boost Business Training in Spain


    _ He supports the modernisation of labour relations

This morning, Juan Rosell, President of the CEOE, took part in the second day of 2014 FAES Campus on employment and delivered an address on “Employment from the Successful Perspective”. José María Aznar, President of FAES Foundation, Javier Zarzalejos, FAES Campus Director, Miguel Marín, Director of FAES Foundation Economy and Public Policies, and Chile’s former Finance Minister, Juan Pablo Longueira, also took part in the session.

Rosell pointed out that there is still time left for negotiating a new Agreement for Employment and the Collective Bargaining, which is the continuation of the one singed in 2012, valid until this year.

Throughout its address, Rosell stressed the need to boost Business Training in Spain and stated that entrepreneurs and workers are the ones that should decide where to hold the training courses as it a responsibility that they pay.

He also pointed out that the Labour Reform was on the right path, but more reforms must be adopted because unemployment, the main problem, must be stopped. To do so, “we need to open ourselves even more to the 21st century and adapt ourselves in terms of issues such as collective bargaining, which is now obsolete. Therefore, we need to put a blank paper on the table and forget agreements which are thirty years old”.

With regard to the strength of Spanish companies, Juan Rosell highlighted that, despite the fact that throughout the crisis 300,000 companies were destroyed, from 2000 to 2013 the number of companies has increased by 86,000. Many of these companies started being small and now are medium or even large and export achieving good results”.