Constitution-. ‘The Territorial Constitution and the Secessionist Challenge’


The second course of the 2014 FAES Campus was ‘The Territorial Constitution and the Secessionist Challenge’, coordinated by Ignacio Astarloa, Director of the FAES Foundation Constitution and Institutions Department. The course has reflected on the validity and value of the State of Autonomous Regions with regard to nationalist offensives. Issues such as the strengthening of the regional model, the possible usefulness of a constitutional reform, the federal alternative, the link between public opinion and secessionism in Catalonia, the Basque nationalist projects and the Scottish and Quebecker examples were addressed.

Gómez de la Serna: “There is not the slightest possibility of reaching an agreement with the Catalan nationalism”
Núñez Feijóo, at 2014 FAES Campus
Tajadura: “If constitutional guarantees are eliminated we have not reformed the Constitution, we have destroyed it”
Roundtable: 'Lessons from the Scottish and Quebecker cases' 
Aragón Reyes: “The ‘right to decide’ is unconstitutional and cannot find shelter in any reform” 
Fabra y Aguirre, at 2014 FAES Campus
Conference: 'Public Opinion and Secessionism. The Catalan case'
Barreda: “Political determination of enforcing the law is fundamental” 
Debate: 'Navarre and the Basque nationalist projects '