We Have not Come here to Weep*


Who killed Joseba Pagazaurtundúa? Why? What for?

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, shall never forget. But there are many people in Spain with a short memory and a weak spirit. Joseba was murdered by the dark cohorts of those who now govern in Andoain, in San Sebastian and in so many other towns of the Basque Country. They killed him because of his untainted defence of Spain as a nation of free and equal citizens. They wanted to spread suffering across society in order to defeat democracy; in order to defeat a political order that Spaniards had thought necessary and together had made possible. This is the story. And this is how we will continue to tell it, against forgetfulness and against that form of political tacticism which is neither ethically justifiable nor electorally effective.

But we will also do something else. My suggestion stems from the conviction that we depend exclusively on ourselves. Let us defeat suffering. May the memory of our heroes be, not a haven of melancholy, but the driving force of a new political energy. Let us abandon our grievances and our sterile disputes. Let us raise our voices against those who cooperate with or support terrorism and those not brave enough to stand up against it. Let us speak the truth. Let us be demanding of the State and of ourselves. And let us work together. Let us rally politically together around our Constitution for it is our Constitution that guarantees freedom, equality and pluralism. And let us only reform the Constitution in order to defend it. Le us proclaim that not all ideas are acceptable under democracy and that just as abhorrent as terrorist means are totalitarian ends. This is our major challenge: to become militants of democracy and to make Spain a militant democracy. In other words, a grown-up democracy.

We have not come here to weep, but to celebrate. Our aim is not resistance, but victory.


*This text was written on February 8, 2015 for the homage ceremony in memory of Joseba Pagazaurtundúa. www.elbuzondejoseba.com