FAES Papers Gibraltar: What Could Have Been and What Still Could Be


Josep Piqué

Josep Piqué, former Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs

Fifteen years have passed (10th May) since the last “Draft Joint Spanish-British Declaration on Gibraltar". This draft still contained a number of differences which, although not minor exactly, were certainly resolvable in essentially related to the “long-lasting” or “definitive” character of the agreement, to the nature of an eventual binding referendum in Gibraltar and to the legal and operational status of the naval base and other military installations.

_"Straw clearly understood the need to offer Gibraltar a stable, secure and prosperous future, something that would only be possible in the medium and long term through an agreement with Spain"

_ "Brexit means that, although Gibraltar does not belong to the United Kingdom, Gibraltar ceases to be a territory that is subject to the Treaties, to the extent that its international representation inevitably corresponds to the United Kingdom"

_"The idea of co-sovereignty, in spite of the Gibraltarians’ initial rejection, continues to be the best option in the absence of any real alternatives. We are faced with a golden opportunity to resolve an outdated and somewhat anachronistic legacy of the past"

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