Defending the Constitution against the Catalan Independence Challenge


Madrid, 11.10.17.- 

The pro-independence action of both the Catalan government and the parliamentarian political forces supporting it, which have adopted in the last four years continuous legislatives and executive’s measures oriented to achieve the proclamation of the Catalan Republic, has led to—as it was expected to happen if there was not an immediate reaction— a denial of the Constitution and, thus, in disobedience towards the measures implemented to defend it. Catalan authorities, which have not stopped to design and articulate its pro-independence project through legal courses, using all the possible stratagems, when they have realized they could not succeed since they radically opposed all the provisions laid out in the existing Constitution —as they already knew it—have taken the next step of denying the legitimacy of the State to directly head towards rebellion.

This is the situation we face now. Moreover, it is a situation mainly characterized by the tacit strategy of measuring with each action the reactive energy of the State and, at the same time, the self-capacity to oppose it. All this in a scenario characterized by the state authorities’ effort of maintaining “caution” in the use of words and expressions (remember: “moderation and proportionality will always characterize the action taken for the defense of the Constitution and the rule of law”; or that one saying, “do not force me to do something I do not want to do”, among other similar ones), in a display of “democratic” attitude in order to avoid—even the purpose is naïve—any accusation of “authoritarianism”. Read Full Analysis