Íñigo Sagardoy de Simón es presidente de Sagardoy Abogados. Profesor Titular de Derecho del Trabajo de la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria French Labor Reform


If there is an issue in which all European heads of state with future vision agree on is the need for making more flexible our labor market in order to provide Europe with chances to compete in a globalized and increasingly competitive world. Sooner or later, labor reforms have been on the agendas of Europeans heads of state, following the so called European flexisecurity approach, looking for the removal of obstacles on labor regulation so that enterprises improve their performance and employment grows. France, with all its peculiarities and difficulties, has not been the exception. Following his great campaign promise, this summer, president Macron announced he will propel French economy towards the grandeur it naturally belongs to in the European setting. Part of his strategy means a deep and ambitious labor reform. And that is what has happened. In order to deeply analyze the reform objectives and try to compare it.… Read Full Anylisis