The award ceremony will take place on March, 15th in Madrid Luis Almagro, new FAES Freedom Award


     _Aznar personally informed the Secretary General of OAS, who has expressed that he feels very honorable and grateful

    _ It recognizes his solid defense of democratic values in Latin America and the support to the democratic political forces in Venezuela

    _ G. Sartori, M. Thatcher, King Juan Carlos, S. Peres, E. Krauze, M. Vargas Llosa and the American think tanks IRI and NDI were awarded in the past

FAES Foundation Board of Trustees, under the petition of its President, José María Aznar, have decided by unanimity to award Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States, OAS, with the FAES Freedom Award. FAES recognizes its firmly defense of democratic values in Latin America and the support towards the political democratic forces in Venezuela in order to reestablish the rule of law, public liberties and representative institutions. The award ceremony will take place on March 15th in Madrid.

FAES highlights Almagro’s work in charge of the OAS, from which he has oriented his efforts to achieve that the American community responded to the serious human rights violations and favored a real democratic solution to the serious political, economic and humanitarian crisis Venezuela suffers. All that makes him worthy of a recognition that in previous editions was given to the King Juan Carlos, Margaret Thatcher, Shimon Peres, Mario Vargas Llosa, Enrique Krauze, Giovani Sartori, and ex-aequo the US think-tanks National Democratic Institute, NDI, and the International Republican Institute, IRI.

José María Aznar has personally informed about the concession of the award to Luis Almagro who has expressed that he feels very honorable and has expressed him his gratitude. Almagro will receive the award in a ceremony that will take place next 15th March in Madrid.

In 2009, on the twentieth anniversary of its foundation, FAES Foundation created the FAES Freedom Award recognizing the more prominent international personalities distinguished in the promotion and defense of democracy and liberty.

Luis Almagro is a lawyer and a career diplomat, he was Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uruguay between 2010 and 2015. Moreover, he has been a Senator and the Ambassador of Uruguay to China. His management in front of the Ministry was characterized by activism in defense of human rights, the insertion of Uruguay in nontraditional markets and the strengthening of the image of the country as a democratic, fair, tolerant and diverse society. On 2014, the magazine Foreign Policy elected him as Global Thinker, being one of the ten international leaders selected by that publication.

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