At the presentation of O’Donnell's biography Aznar claims for the Classical Liberalism


The former President of the Government and President of FAES, José María Aznar, has taken part in the presentation of the biography of O’Donnell. En busca del centro político, the last volume of Biografías Políticas of FAES. As part of his speech he has stated that advocating for O’Donnell means “advocating for the classical liberalism thoughts”. “His biography represents useful thoughts for our time, as much as it shows the importance of leadership to drive societies to success or failure, to launch initiatives that promote reforms when necessary and desirable, and to speak of it today is appropriate and relevant, "he assured.

For Aznar, “O’Donnell’s biography represents an example of leadership intended to make possible a political rapprochement, of settlement between groups and to achieve the stabilization of the politics of freedom, in contrast with the idea of looking politics as a path towards ‘the impossible, the nonsense’, as stated by Cánovas”.

Aznar has also reminded us that the collection Biografías Políticas reclaims the tradition of the centre-right democratic in Spain and has highlighted the role of FAES promoting the work and the political thoughts that were key to build up the contemporary Spain within the political classical liberalism and reformism. 

The author of O’Donnell. En busca del centro político, the scholar of the Real Academia de la Historia (Real Academy of History), Antonio Manuel Moral Roncal, has highlighted that O’Donnell sought for the centre, as a sort of pivot between the “moderates” and the “progressives” political thoughts.“Every political movement needs to be followed by ideological principles. The fight for the centre is not part of today’s current situation”, he assured.

 The presentation was held in the Real Sociedad Económica Matritense de Amigos del País, among the different participants was the President of the Institution, Pilar Becerril Roca, and the scholar of Contemporary History of the Universidad de Cantabria, Germán Rueda Hernanz. O’Donnell. En busca del centro político is the volume number nine of the collection ‘Biografías Políticas’ of FAES, directed by the professor of Historia del Pensamiento y los movimientos Sociales y Políticos (History of Political Thoughts and Social and Political Movements) in the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Manuel Álvarez Tardío. The last volumes were dedicated to Cánovas del Castillo, written by Carlos Dardé; Maura, by José María Marco; Silvela, by Luis Arranz Notario; Canalejas, by Salvador Forner; De Burgos, by Juan Gay Armenteros; Alcalá-Zamora, by Stanley G. Payne; Gil-Robles, by Manuel Álvarez Tardío, and Jovellanos, written by Manuel Moreno Alonso.

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