Especial Papeles FAES Keys for a successful energy changeover


Fundación FAES

The FAES Foundation ensures that the Regulatory Stability and Institutional Framework are key to the energy transition. For the governance of this process, it proposes a political agreement involving the private sector, underpinned by economic efficiency and competitiveness. It also suggests a Vice-Presidency to coordinate and assume the competences involved. This is stated by FAES in its recently published in Especial Papeles, Claves de éxito de la transición energética, coordinated by Pedro Mielgo and Miguel Marín.

FAES points out that the energy transition will require a rigorous decision-making process in which technical strictness, political consensus, regulatory success and the involvement of stakeholders must be combined. It is a profound and far-reaching shift in the energy model that is more comprehensive and extensive than any of the energy policy changes proposed to date.

_The regulatory stability and an institutional framework are key to the energy transition

_Proposes a political agreement for governance system of the process, private sector driven and underpinned by economic efficiency and competitiveness

_Suggests a Vice-Presidency to co-ordinate and assume the competences that are involved. The political agreement would guarantee its continuity over time

_The energy changeover is a more profound and far-reaching model shift than any of the energy policy changes proposed so far

_OBJECTIVES.-They are practically incompatible with anything other than a low-emission energy system.

_It should be kept in mind that not all industrial processes are susceptible to electrification, which requires guaranteeing the supply of fossil fuels.

_NETWORKS - A special attention because they are essential to the stability of electrical systems, the hardware of the markets and fundamental basis of the efficiency of the system.

_SELF CONSUMPTION - Distributed generation will play an important role as technological development lowers costs and increases capacities.

_ENERGY TAXATION - It is recommended to be reviewed in order to establish a stable remuneration framework and avoid increasing consumer costs.

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