Launch of Especial Papeles FAES Aznar stresses the "need to underpin the energy transition on a grand political agreement"


The former President of the Government and President of FAES Foundation, José María Aznar, participated in the presentation of the “especial Papeles FAES” Claves de éxito de la transición energética, which emphasizes regulatory stability and the institutional framework. "Our aspiration is to contribute to the public debate by stressing the need to base a process of this importance and so long-lasting in time on a great political agreement that will guarantee the necessary regulatory stability and, with it, the substantial investments that will be required in the coming decades".

"This “Papeles” updates our position on energy issues at a key moment in the design of the energy transition process, full of opportunities", said Aznar, who stressed that "the document we are presenting today has no ideological component, it is clarifying reality and expressing a wish. Our task is to brainstorm with ideas to the energy transition debate and with this report we have taken our responsibility as a think tank.

Translation: David Alonso Galera

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