Markets and Environmental Protection


The director of FAES, Javier Zarzalejos; the economist and consultant Miguel Marín, and the director of the master’s degree in Environmental Economics at the Francisco Marroquín University (Guatemala), Luis Ignacio Gómez, participated today in a dialogue on 'Markets and Environmental Protection. A reflection on the prevailing political narrative and the future in Europe'.

Zarzalejos |

"Choosing between fighting climate change or adapting to it requires a calculation of scientific forecasts, costs and the viability of public policies.”
"Our ability to address environmental challenges is through the technological process of energy generation and storage."

Gómez |

"The goal is to find better processes and technologies to minimize climate change and adapt to what's going on; and that's not war, that's progress.”
"As soon as we get it out of Europe and the US, the debate between human progress and environmental protectionism becomes existential."
"We must approach the problems less from a global point of view and more from a local, and there we will be able to better evaluate what our impact is.”
"Limiting the capacity for innovation and human inventiveness limits the resilience of the whole system."
"Ecology uses science where it’s interested and where it's not, it doesn't."
"Today in Europe there are practically no laws that are not impregnated with the environmental issue."
"The Treaty of Paris is pure and hard voluntarism. It does not oblige anyone, it is not a binding agreement".

Marín | 

"If we want to aspire to sustainability, we must guarantee the sustainability of the whole process, which is threefold: environmental, economic and social"
"In the concrete debate on energy transition we suffer what we might call the 'pampered child syndrome', which wants everything regardless of the cost of nothing."
"An energy transition designed and executed behind the backs of companies is doomed to failure. This process towards a decarbonized economy needs an optimal combination of State and enterprises".
"There's no incompatibility between market economy and environmental protection, they're complementary."

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