CURSO DE VERANO FAES 2018 El nacionalismo y su relación con la democracia liberal


Professor Benito Arruñada from the Universidad Pompeu Fabra and Javier Fernández Lasquetty, Director of the Institute of Political Studies and International Relations at the Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala, talked this morning about nationalism as an enemy of liberal democracy and the secessionist process in Catalonia.

Arruña |

"The Catalan elites bless nationalism as a tactic to achieve advantages, in the confidence that the State will rescue them if it goes wrong. They play with the net because Madrid has always been willing to 'reward' the canons of nationalism to adorn the third routes in turn".
"The novelty on this occasion is that the State disappears, and the market does not. The appearance of the market has supplanted the inaction of the State".
"Fiscal plundering has gone out of style. Those who promoted the idea knew that it was false and not very sellable abroad".
"The main inequality in Catalonia is that between 'Catalan-Catalan' and 'Catalan-Spanish' society, which has hardly any rights and neither its own State nor intellectual elites support it. To reinforce autonomy is to reinforce inequality".

Javier Fernandez Lasquetty |

"The secession of Catalonia is not done for freedom but would be contrary to freedom."
"Secession does not imply more freedom, but arbitrariness and oppression."
"It is the Constitution that does not permit secession. What concerns everything should be approved by everyone".
"It is not valid to oppose votes to Right, to Constitution, to basic norms. There is no right to act against the law".
"In Catalonia there has been a revolutionary coup d'état that has been attempted to counteract with an abuse of tactics and scarcity of strategy.”

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