Pedro A. Merino, Fernando Fernández and Miguel Marín Spanish economy: slowdown and uncertainties


The Spanish economy has engaged in an evident process of deceleration fundamentally caused by the fall in exports and consumption (especially in Catalonia). This scenario is not necessarily irreversible, but it is key to regain credibility and confidence and eliminate elements of uncertainty. On this premise, #DiálogosFAES brought together Pedro Antonio Merino, Director of Studies at Repsol, and Fernando Fernández, Professor of Economics at IE Business School, to unravel how the turbulent international scene is affecting the Spanish economy and to analyze the government's political response.

Together with Miguel Marín, from the area of Economics and Public Policies in FAES, they have gone over the effects of increased spending, foreseeable tax increases, and the climate of fiscal, labor and regulatory counter-reforms, and have prevented how expectations and investments will be affected by the uncertainty generated.

Translation by David Outeda Sueiro

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