Former president's newest book Pablo Casado and José María Aznar, at the presentation of El futuro es hoy  


The former President of the Government and President of FAES, José María Aznar, and Pablo Casado  leader of the Partido Popular, have presented in Madrid Aznar's latest book, El futuro es hoy. España en el cambio de época. Both have had a conversation about the refounding of the centre-right, the situation in Catalonia, the challenges of the digital revolution and the effects of the crisis of the international liberal order on foreign policy.

Re-foundation of the centre-right
"The PP has been an indispensable force in understanding Spanish democracy, and has rendered extraordinary services to freedom, paying an enormous tribute in lives".
"Re-founding the centre-right is an essential task only within the reach of the great political leaders. Democracy and the historical continuity of Spain deserve to be guaranteed. That historical continuity is embodied today by Pablo Casado, who is once again a great hope for projecting the centre-right into the future. I hope he succeeds because the continuity of Spain advises it".

Historical continuity
"The balance sheet of democratic Spain is one of many successes rather than errors. Mistakes have been made when we have deviated from the Constitution. The problem is not in the Constitution, but in the political decisions that have led to breaking the constitutional pact, which was based on consensus and the recognition of plurality in exchange for loyalty to the Nation".
"The principle of loyalty to the Nation has been broken, and that rupture is not innocuous. The Constitution is the brake, and it is more fully in force than ever. We can propose its reinforcement with specific measures".

"The coup plotters condition the government and the coup d'état continues on a daily basis; it has not been deactivated. When such a situation occurs in any country, the first obligation of the institutions is to re-establish the constitutional order. There is no middle ground as far as guaranteeing Spain's historical continuity is concerned".
"We run the risk of liquidating the civic movement in favor of the Constitution, freedom and coexistence. That is one of Pablo Casado's responsibilities: to recover that spirit and re-establish the constitutional order”.

Technological revolution
"The great danger of the technological revolution in which we live is that it controls the human being. Characterized by the 'three d's': disruption, disintermediation and decentralization, which affects politics, society and the economy".
"We live in a world of immediate desires and expectations and unlimited rights, but lack of responsibility, and that's terrible. Irresponsibility defines a large part of the digital revolution, and recovering it is a great challenge".    

Crisis of the international liberal order
"We have an obligation to preserve the EU in the new strategic scenario, with open economies and a strong Atlantic relationship".
"The international scene is today more conflictive, returning to major problems: nationalism, borders, cybersecurity, questioning the international liberal order. But the alternative to liberal democracy is not iliberal democracy or nationalism or populism, which are the great enemies of freedom".

Translated by David Outeda 

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