Javier Zarzalejos and Cristina Crespo Palomares Mid-term elections. Everyone wins


Midterm elections in the United States are a thermometer, a pulse monitoring to the presidency. On this occasion, Democrats and Republicans consider themselves to have come out on top. The former, by winning a majority in the House of Representatives, will be able to influence the president's agenda. The latter improve their advantage in the Senate and maintain their voter base, underpinning Donald Trump's candidacy for re-election.

Will the president change his tone? On what issues will the Democrats fight? Has the Republican Party definitely mutated? These questions and other possible consequences of the results are discussed in #DiálogosFAES by Javier Zarzalejos, the director of the Foundation, and Cristina Crespo Palomares, director of External Relations at the Franklin Institute of the University of Alcalá de Henares.

"Trump is right to proclaim himself the winner because he maintains the support of his electoral base. Maintaining strategic states such as Florida, Georgia, and Ohio may prejudge his re-election"

"Midterm have a large local component, they are not a reflection of presidential ones. The 'steel belt' that gave Trump victory in 2016 has now voted democrat"

"The next two years are going to be difficult for Trump despite the fact that he is reinforced in his game. Democrats can now prevent appointments and block presidential actions"

"He will have to deploy his negotiating skills to reach agreements, but he will continue his policy at tweet's stroke"

"Unemployment is at its lowest and the fiscal stimulus policy has paid off. Although impressive, economic indicators are no guarantee of re-election"

"Trump is preparing his candidacy for 2020 and has a good chance of winning. Many Republican voters still don't like him, but they recognize that he is delivering"

"The Democrats are rebuilding the great social alliance in which they have supported their majorities, while the Republican Party is at an impasse, a moment of silence around the president"

"The second part of the mandates is usually characterized for opening to the outside, but Trump is unpredictable, despite the fact that the Atlantic alliance is in the best interests of the US and Europe"

"Immigration, health, taxation, environment and civil rights will be key issues. We will see a more aggressive Trump as he has more difficulty moving his agenda forward"

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