Papeles FAES The Spanish Constitution. Four perspectives 


Contemplating the Spanish Constitution when it celebrates its 40th anniversary is the best recognition that can be made to the great agreement of coexistence between Spaniards. This study integrates four essays that underline what the Constitution, beyond its consideration as a legal norm, has had as a way of access to a reality that our country -determined to overcome its worst history- wanted to meet again. It does so from a fourfold perspective: institutional quality, reconciliation agreement, Constitution and Europe, and the referential value of the Transition in Latin America.

SPAIN, A COUNTRY WITH DEMOCRATIC QUALITY | Eduardo Fernández Luiña. Political analyst at FAES.
The Spanish political system has established itself as one of the best democracies on the planet, and it is common sense to recognize the role that the Constitution has played in this. This does not mean that we are exempt from problems, threats and challenges, but contrary to what many claim, the Constitution is not part of the problem, but the essence of the solution(read here)

CONSTITUTION AND RECONCILIATION | Pedro Corral. Journalist and writer.
The Constitution was the result of a historic compromise that restored the abyss that had separated the Spaniards during the 19th and 20th centuries. This commitment materialized in the recognition of the legitimacy of all democratic political and ideological institutions. (read here)

THE CONSTITUTION OF 1978 AND EUROPE | Eugenio Nasarre. President of the Spanish Federal Council of Movimiento Europeo.
The time has come for the European Union to appear explicitly in the Constitution, as the vast majority of Member States do. The Magna Carta must show that our common destiny is linked to that Europe to which Spain enthusiastically joined and in whose journey it has participated with loyalty and constructive spirit. (read here)

The policy towards Ibero-America has had in these four decades of Constitution a constant: to be solidly based on the universal values of democracy, the inalienable dignity of people and the rule of law. The Constitution recognizes the existence of a community of nations forged by history and with which Spain has deep ties of all kinds. (read here)


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