Analysis, meetings, interventions The necessary tax reform


FAES advocates for a comprehensive, equitable and efficient fiscal reform oriented towards economic growth and employment which denies that the only way to close the public deficit is to increase revenues by forcing existing tax rates or creating new ones.

We have published several analyses and organized public events to talk about this subject. You can read all about them here:

Colloquium 'Digital Economy and Taxation: the keys to the debate' | "Taxing technology is not the way to close the public deficit or pay pensions" 

VideoAnalysis by Miguel Marín | "Spain needs an equitable and efficient tax reform oriented to growth and employment" 

III Forum #FAESIDEAS Valencia | The necessary tax reform 

Analysis | Fiscal Inconsistency, by Santiago Lago Peñas 

Analysis | Tax Illusion, by Santiago Álvarez García 

FAES Papers | Budgetary Consolidation 

Report | 'A fiscal reform for growth and employment'

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