He was a member of FAES Board of Trustees since its inception José Pedro Pérez-Llorca, In Memoriam


With the death of José Pedro Pérez-Llorca the Spanish public life loses an extraordinarily important personality.  Deeply devoted liberalist from Cádiz, coherent with his ideas, ideas that turned his trajectory into the best testimony, José Pedro put his solid legal and humanistic formation and his acute intelligence to the service of a valuable political commitment such as that of the Transition and the constitutional pact. He was spokesman for the Union of the Democratic Centre (UCD) in Congress, constitutional rapporteur and Minister of Foreign Affairs, and in all these responsibilities he left the imprint of his brilliance. His ability to find the meeting point between different positions made him one of the most effective doers of that fortunate weave of agreements that made up the constitutional consensus.  He outdid himself in the parliamentary debates and he shone at the height of the best. From the tribune of speakers, he knew how to use all the registers of the best parliamentarism showing his extensive culture, his deep knowledge of law, history and international politics and his intellectual finesse out of which his sense of humour was always an eloquent expression.

José Pedro Pérez-Llorca remains one of the most representative figures of a generation that, fortunately for the Spaniards, knew how to live up to the demands of that time of reconciliation, commitment to his country and with the freedom that had to be embodied in a democratic Constitution that would open the political game to pluralism.

Those of us who were lucky enough to know him learned from his experience that he always shared with humbleness. He was constitutional rapporteur and his contribution to the articulation of the text of the Constitution, which was everyone's Constitution, will remain for posterity.

Since its inception, the FAES Foundation has counted on the uninterrupted presence of José Pedro as a member of the Board of Trustees. Pérez-Llorca has also been a point of reference for this house, which has always felt legitimately proud to have had among its patrons three of the seven speakers who gave birth to the Constitution: José Pedro Pérez-Llorca himself, Manuel Fraga and Gabriel Cisneros.

After ending his political career, Pérez-Llorca developed an influential and fruitful professional career by creating one of the most important and prestigious law firms in Spain and maintained his public commitment to other responsibilities, including the presidency of the Board of Trustees of the Prado Museum, which he currently held, precisely when the Prado celebrates its second centenary.

José Pedro Pérez-Llorca leaves his mark. It is no coincidence that his trajectory has been praised from different political positions. He deserves it, but in addition to the praise, he deserves that his great contribution to freedom and coexistence among Spaniards continues in the commitment and attitudes of all of us who will always remember his figure with affection, respect and admiration". 

Translated by Carmen Amado Paredes

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