DIÁLOGOS FAES | With Mario Garcés and Miguel Marín Who should manage the public services in Spain?


The concepts of ‘republification’ and ‘remunicipalisation of public services’ are present in an ideological debate that satisfies the left, who in a dogmatic analysis has concluded that public is better than private. In the light of this, it is necessary to untangle the lies around such discourse and move forward to a model of public-private collaboration that guarantees budgetary stability.

In this FAES Dialogues, the secretary for the Programmes of the Partido Popular (PP) and expert in Public Administration, Mario Garcés, and the responsible for the economic affairs of FAES, Miguel Marín, explain the key elements of the debate, the Spanish situation in a context of budget shortages and the PP’s approach towards this issue.

_ “It is necessary to design a model of public-private collaboration that guarantees budgetary stability

_ “When providing services, quality and efficiency should prevail”

_ “Citizens want the best service and that it is provided by the best agent, public or private”

_ “It is false that the concession scheme is to privatise: the service does not lose its public condition”.

_ “The EU promotes the coexistence of direct and indirect management”

_ “The control of the activity has been the focus rather than the strategic design of the public-private model”.

_ “PP wants private agents to develop partnership activities with the public sector”

_ “The concessional contracts can imply requirements to guarantee the employability and the stability”.

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