Papeles FAES The failure of 'remunicipalising' public services


This Paper published by Fundación FAES untangles the clichés about efficiency and employability around the idea of ‘remunicipalising’ services, and it explains the European regulatory framework in terms of public concession contracts.

_ The best for the citizen is that the service is provided in the best parameters of consistency, neutrality, efficiency and quality, regardless of whether this is performed by public servants or by indirect management.

_ The European Commission has recognised the capacity of the private sector to mobilise investments and resources for funding public services.

_ The public interest is not a strong enough legal title anymore to exercise powers over the contract: the thrusts of the European regulation are to preserve the competition law and to respect the principle of legal certainty.

_ The indirect management of the public services, under concession or under a joint venture, does not alter the ownership of the service.

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