Analysis The independentist fiction in Catalonia


Miquel Porta Perales is a critic and a writer 

Catalonia and the “process”. How is it possible that the “process” ─regardless of being in a collapsed stage due to a lack of social, political, economic, legal and international support─ has survived considering that it is based on fictions and trickery?  The secret of the “process” ─its resilience capacity─ relies, mostly, in the ability of the independentism to create a hyperreality. I shall explain myself. 

Jean Baudrillard (Simulacra and Simulations, 1978) asserts that “to dissimulate is to feign not to have what one has” and “to simulate is to feign to have what one hasn’t”. That is how reality is altered for the sake of a hyperreality accepted and assumed as real. A hyperreality ─a simulacrum or a representation or a fiction─ resulting from a conscience that does not distinguish the truth from the fraudulent. A contagious hyperreality ─viral─ that can dominate us. Regarding this, the Catalan independentism has constructed a self-custom hyperreality ─a nation subject of law with the right to say where the people chooses its future and a Catalan republic free of any repression and domination in which freedom, democracy and progress will flourish─ that attracts and seduces. There is no trickery without self-deception. There is no trickery without forget. To dissimulate or to simulate. A hyperreality à la carte. The nationalist fiction.

The Catalan independentism dissimulates or simulates? Both. Let’s talk about the Trial.

The Catalan independentism dissimulates when it feigns not to be aware of the electoral roll issue, the advertisement, the ballot boxes or the funding of the illegal referendum. Or when it introduces itself as the paradigm of the denominated no-violence culture. Apart from that, the Catalan independentism simulates when it feigns that Catalonia is a nation with the right of self-determination or assures that the Constitution allows a self-determination referendum. And the Catalan independentism tricks and lies when it claims that there is a general lawsuit against Catalonia, or when it affirms that in Spain ideas are repressed and prosecuted rather than illegal actions or alleged crimes, or when it says that we are facing a sham Trial with the condemnatory sentence written beforehand, or when it assures that Spain is not complying with the democratic lawfulness. In doing so, everything is allowed. Even ─the attitude of the defendants and their defence lawyers, without forgetting the collaborating press, proves it─ trying to prosecute the State in a diabolic roles’ swap.

Let’s go back to Jean Baudrillard in order to highlight a detail of the hyperreality created by the Catalan independentism. The French sociologist argues that the media is essential in the dialectic between dissimulating and simulating. A media that offers “credibility” to the fiction created and recreated without a continuum. Catalonia portrays the example. Let’s see.

One of the most striking features according to most of the Catalan media, whether public or private, collaborator or related to the “process”, is the expressed will of misinforming about the independentism and the “process”. A misinformation ─usually, manipulation─ that is materialised in two key ideas of the secessionist tale. First, the idea according to which the independentism is innocent by definition: thus, the State, fully or partly, is to blame. Second, the idea according to which the Government and/or the State are the political perpetrators of what has happened in Catalonia for having consciously prosecuted politics with the objective of blocking the legitimate aspirations of the Catalan “people”. 

The images and constructed representations on purpose are used by the favourable media to bombard the market with arguments ─perfectly designed, packaged and distributed─, in order to use and abuse the independentism and their associates. The Trial? The independentism asserts the jailed politicians ─“political prisoners”, they claim─ not to have committed any crime or, in the worst case ─nor rebellion, nor sedition, nor misappropriation─, they have only incur in disobedience. A disobedience that would satisfy the Catalan self-determination right (!), the democratic mandate of the people (!), and their “democratic revolution of the smiles” (!). A people that ─claimed by the tale of misinformation─ organised the illegal October 1st ‘s referendum facing a “anti-ballot box” and antidemocratic Spain.

The “political prisoners” and the “exiled” have not committed any illegal action or crime? The Supreme Court will decide it. However, is it allowed to pass two laws that abolish the rule of law, to call and celebrate an illegal self-determination referendum and to declare the unilateral independence of Catalonia? Is it allowed to do that and to claim right after that nothing has been done? Is it allowed to say that all of that was symbolic?

There is more. Under the protection of the Trial, the Catalan independentism and their advertisers assert that the existence of “political prisoners” and “exiled” is a fault. True. The issue: where is the fault? Contrary to what the independentism and their friends say, the fault appears when ─ September and October 2017─ the parliament and the government of Catalonia blow up, all at a time, the Statute and the Constitution, they celebrate an illegal self-determination referendum and they declare the Catalan Republic. Do they want a bigger fault ─in a democracy─ than that? Is it faulty that in Spain there are independentist politicians in jail or escaped? It is true. Nevertheless, the fault resides in the behaviour of a Catalan independentism that is featured by the continuous institutional and constitutional disloyalty, as well as by the systematic incompliance with the democratic lawfulness of the rule of law. That and not other is the problem. That and not other is the fault. And the ones who are in jail are there ─the justice will have the last say─ as a consequence of their faulty acts. That is to say, illegal and antidemocratic.

In any case, with the excuse of disobedience and fault, the collaborator or related press to the “process” launches a kind of crusade ─paper, audio-visual and digital: editors, hosts, columnists or humourists all formed by the same mould with some outsider to justify the “diverseness”─ with the only message of “they just wanted that the people could vote and because of that they are being unfairly prosecuted”.

This is how the individual is protected, capsuled and manipulated from the toxic external influences. A doubled personality, the psychologists say. All in all, the hyperreality ─between the simulacrum and the impersonation with the fiction as background─ designed and constructed by the Catalan independentism for the sake of cause. And that Freudian unconsciousness of an independentism ─omniscient, arrogant and disrespectful─ that never takes the blame. Ready for judgment. 

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