2019 FAES Summer Course Spain: democratic quality


The first conference of the 2019 FAES Summer Course has ended with the dialogue about ‘Democratic quality’ among the professor from Universidad del País Vasco, Francisco Llera; the head of Instituto Juan de Mariana, Eduardo Fernández Luiña, and the professor from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Jorge del Palacio, moderated by the professor from Universidad Carlos III Javier Redondo. 


“The Spanish institutional system is strong because counterbalances work properly”

“Parties cannot clean up endogenously, which is why media, civil society and the Administration should develop mechanisms to check them and to contribute to said clean-up”

“There is not new nor old politics. There is politics”


“New parties are like the old ones: they seek power”

“Parties should have a teaching vocation and understand that, today, society is much more exigent and responsible”

“If we would demand political parties the right issues, we would probably perform better”


“Los partidos nuevos son como los viejos: van a buscar el poder”

“Los partidos tienen que tener una vocación pedagógica, y entender que la sociedad es hoy mucho más exigente y responsable”

“Si las exigencias que planteamos a los partidos políticos fueran las pertinentes, seguramente nos iría mejor”


“New politics is a product of a failing process of elite extraction”

“We need honest, open, permeable parties but not ones that colonise civil society”

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